Rhythm Divine:Myth or Truth

There are many things which at first sight seem absurd and unbelievable, but at the root lies very simple reason.India is quite famous for producing such personalities whose skills have been underestimated as myths.One of such personality is Taansen, the legendary singer.

The fact about Taansen is that when he used to sing, all the instruments would be automatically played with him.No person was needed to play them; rather his voice and his perfection was only thing which was sufficient.Today this is considered as a myth.But any person with a little bit of musical and scientific knowledge will come to know that this is not a myth but highest height of perfection and totality.

While learning Indian Classical Music tradtionally at home of my Guru I  came to know that while tuning one instrument when its frequency is same with some other instrument, the other one vibrates and makes sound automatically over a considerable distance.And practicing a  little bit for 8 years I myself reached the point where Just by singing a note I can bring it out automatically from Harmonium.Just the principle of resonance.

While singing a Raaga, Taansen used to be in such a totality that all the instruments placed there used to produce the same note due to resonance and the result was complete raaga being heard on the instruments.So, the story of Taansen is not a myth;but a story of Devotion,Totality and perfection.



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