Sanjeev Abhyankar : The pioneer of Indian Classical Music

It was a concert by Pandit Jasraj, the famous classical vocalist. That day, he was not feeling well and hence,  he himself was worried. The concert must go on. It should not only go on, but people should remember it. Panditji started singing. A voice, very similar to his voice was always backing him up, supporting him up. After the concert, everyone was mesmerized by the wonderful musical treat. With shaking voice, Pandit Jasraj said, today’s concert is completely handled by my young pupil, Sanjeev.

Mandar Karanjkar with Sanjeev Abhyankar

This wonderful pupil of Pandit Jasraj is, Sanjeev Abhyankar. Sanjeev Abhyankar has a mellow voice. It can glide from any note to the other. The voice is delicate at the same time powerful. The voice touches each and every note perfectly. Sanjeev Abhyankar, today is a widely taken name in the field of Indian Classical Vocals; by both laymen and well learned people.

Many a times, it is said that he imitates his Guru, Pandit Jasraj. If you observe the singing of Sanjeev Abhyankar carefully, yes, the style of getting to a particular note is similar. But, the most important thing is, thought process of Sanjeev Abhyankar is totally different. It is independent. It does not have any imitation in it.

Pandit Sanjeev Abhyankar sings all forms of music easily and with equal understanding.  While having a short talk at his place, Sanjeev Abhyankar enthusiastically told us the glides from a note to other which he loves a lot. These glides, he says are specialty of his Mewati Gharana.

When i was a child, some seven years ago, I had a chance to listen live to him. I was so muched touched by the performance, that I asked my dad to allow me to go to his place to learn music!

This wish of mine is not complete yet, but I enjoy his music a lot!

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