Shivkumar Sharma at Swarbhaskar Festival

Pune has blessed my life in many ways. Generally people outside Pune consider that it is a over rated city. Yes, in many aspects, it might be an over rated city. But as far as Indian classical music is concerned, Pune is really one of the best cities to live. The artists which you otherwise listen on records and You- Tube come actually to the stage to play for Pune.

I got a chance to listen to Pandit Shivkumar Sharma, one of the most authentic, brilliant and genius artist of whole world. Pandit Shivkumar Sharma can be considered to be a  tallest standing peak in music world today.

Shivkumar Sharma

One thing which I liked the most is, though the time for the performance was quite limited, he did not compromised with the Raga. He said I will play only one Raga in full flavor instead of playing many Ragas. Concert started with Raga Kausi Kanada, a very marvelous Raga. Shivkumar Sharma played first alap then jod and then two compositions. Sound system was good but not extra ordinary. But, even then, the twinkling notes of Santoor were coloring entire sky.  Each note, each stroke was throwing a different kind of color on the canvas of sky.

Shivkumar Sharma has divine knowledge of rhythm. His understanding of notes i.e. Sura and their dialogues is without any challenge. Shivkumar Sharma just goes on winding a net of Notes and rhythm and not a single person who has true quest of music can escape from this net.

Shivkumar Sharma, his appearance, his being dissolved in a trance……everything is out of this world. He gives us glimpse of his Sadhana, his meditation over his instrument. Shivkumar Sharma opens up all the colors of world through hundred strings. What remains behind is a silent soul, left alone in eternity.

I have listened many concerts, many performers and their performances. Some are skillfully great some musically.I can say one thing for sure. Shivkumar Sharma is mystically great. The silence his music creates in your heart does not leave you even for months and years.

He is again coming on 22nd of January with his most loved accompanist Zakir Hussain. I am just waiting for that day………

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  1. Dakshayani Avatar

    A true experience!I must say you have finely expressed the one that is only experience-able….

  2. Anita Dake Avatar
    Anita Dake

    Where could we get tickets for the concert on 22 Jan at Ganesh Hall, Pune?

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