Some of my friends…

Someone has said that success of your life depends on the friends you have. I would like to correct it a bit. The success of your life depends on the friends and enemies you have. Let it be. When I start thinking about my friends, I realize that I do not have a single ordinary friend. All of them extra ordinary in some way or other. For me, friends and enemies are the same because both of them teach you many subtle things.

Today, my mood tells me to dig up some of these best friends. I have a friend so truthful that I do not deserve his friendship. He left everything, even his formal education for his quest for knowledge, poetry and spirituality. It is really great to have such a friend. I have a friend who proposed me and she again called back in half hour to say that it was a mistake.  I also have a friend who left a luxurious job because he did not like it from his heart. I really respect such authentic friends.

A friend of mine was according to me most deserving candidate to crack UPSC. Unfortunately, he could not crack.  When I met this guy next day, he was radiant, as he always used to be. He had not lost his confidence in himself even a bit. Today, he is doing really well. I like such friends who have full faith in themselves.

There are many people who say that they are my friends but I really wonder if I deserve such friends. To give an example, a famous flute player introduced us to some his guests as his friends. Do we deserve such friends who left everything for the inner call of music? But, these friends are the lighthouses which show the road.

One of my best friends in school ran away from his house as his parents were constantly forcing him to study engineering and he wanted to do arts. Keep it up friend. The fire is burning. It does not matter who is right and who is wrong. What matters is, you should be burning with the fire.

Many of my friends have changed over the time as everyone (including me) does. Some changes are good, some of them not so good.   While observing all these changes, one thing constantly keeps on coming up to me- everyone is following a path which is predefined. You, I or anyone cannot alter it even a bit. Many times there remains nothing in our hands other than watching helplessly a friend getting spoilt…







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