Swami Jagannath Kunte not a fraud by Mr. Kishor Joshi

A  controversial comment was posted on one post by me on swami Jagannath Kunte. The post can be found at-


It received a large number of comments from many people and I also received many mails expressing the reaction about the post. I was thinking of replying the comment, but one of the readers, Mr. Kishor Joshi has replied very nicely to the comment posted. So, insted of me writing an article, I am posting the comment by Mr. Kishor Joshi about the claims made against Swami Jagannath Kunte.

Mr. Rohit Shinde, thank you for your honest opinion about Jagannath Kunte Swami (on 14th Aug 2012). Can u pls. tell me the basis of our opinion? I think you must have met him & must have read his books.

I have also met him several times & read all of his books. So it is not to criticise or challenge you but to request you not to criticize such a great & simple person without any reason. If anybody criticises him on his face then also he will not get angry on him as he is a saint who criticises himself. He has no ego. But we should take care while talking anything negative about such saints.

Jagannath Kunte Swami

How can u call Jagannath Kunte a cunning businessman? He doesn’t take a single paisa from others in the name of donation like others. He doesn’t sell anything. There are various so called Sadhus who will sell anything from photos, medicines, CDs & even Gomutra (Cow’s urine), Diksha & Kripa also!!! He only asks to buy some books, that too if you have any spiritual interest. There is a reason for that. You can go & ask him. He can tell you it in a better way.

Then you said his Sanyaasa is fraud & he does not observe any discipline of Sanyaasa Dharma. What do you mean by this? What do you know about Sanyaasa & Sanyaasa Dharma which you think he is not observing? Pls. explain.

Further you said, Jagannath Kunte has made untenable and completely false claims in his books, His books are fictional and do not reflect the reality of the man.. For ordinary men like us these claims are truly false & untenable like any fiction. But for an enlightened man like him it is not so. If we are ready to take some efforts we will find many such people around us.

About his parikrama, you will find a certificate attached on the last page of Sadhanamast book.

In the last paragraph you just concluded him as “Shiromani among Bhondus” & said he is not a spiritual man, he does not have any level of Sadhana etc. etc. How can one blame anybody like this? We can’t question anybody’s level of practice (sadhana) in practical world also without testing him. And you just declared him as Bondhu. He is not playing with the “shradhda” of people and in no way cheating them.

All are requested if you want to know what kind of person he is, you should go & meet him personally (don’t make any +ve or –ve judgment in the first visit and don’t worry you don’t need to carry any gift or fruits or sweets with you also as he doesn’t need these things as he has taken true Sanyaasa, so there will be no cost for you), read his books (if you smell any business tactics in it also or don’t want to spend money then take it from others & then read. Later you will buy on your own). These books are worthy to read. You will realise what kind of Sadhus are there in the world & then see Kunte Swamiji. You will come to know the difference. He is so simple, honest & great person that you will become ready to become his disciple but we are not that fortunate as Jagannath  Kunte Swamiji is not interested in becoming Guru of anybody.

After reading books go & meet him again. Ask whatever you want to ask without hesitation. You can question him anything which you may feel untenable & false in his books. He answers all your questions, if related to spirituality & in connection with anything printed in his books. And then you make your own judgment.

I can write a book on him. But there is no need of that. I can only say he is just a man beyond words.

By Kishor Joshi.

I thank Mr. Kishor Joshi for his affectionate, touching and realistic comment on the claims against Swami Jagannath Kunte.

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6 responses to “Swami Jagannath Kunte not a fraud by Mr. Kishor Joshi”

  1. Rahul Amrute Avatar
    Rahul Amrute

    I have never seen a real saint like him in this KALI-YUG and
    its very hard to find such real saint in today’s world…

    Their book has changed me…

    I experienced it…

    So, please do not comment on such great persons..

    Narmade Haaar..
    Jay Shankar Jay Shankar..

  2. Anand Avatar

    No doubt that Swamiji is a realized soul.. Maximum people should take benefit that such illumined soul. It is our good fortune that he is amongst us and that too freely accessible. I have met him and deeply overwhelmed by his simplicity and frankness in guidance. So simple guidance yet very effective. Pranams to him.

  3. Sachin R. Bhandari Avatar
    Sachin R. Bhandari

    Hello ,
    I have read all books of Swamiji.
    You can see the back side of Narmade Hear hat that Swamuji were abroad for 15 years as a journalist. If u have any information about this plz let me know
    Thank you

  4. Chhaya M Avhad Avatar
    Chhaya M Avhad

    Namaskar.. First of all.. I would like to say Swamijii (The man beyond words and world as well) is my Guru who gave me direction through his book ‘Narmad har har’.. this book has changed my life completely… I have experienced the spiritual power of this book. I am grateful to to him who shared their wisdom with me and, yes, I can now bend my head, and even bow down, before my Guru in gratitude.To the one who opened my eyes, previously blinded by the darkness of ignorance, with the sword anointed with self-knowledge, I express my gratitude. Narmade Har har!!!

    1. Ashutosh Avatar

      I want to meet him, But I think he is not in Pune. You know when he will come to Pune.

  5. Prasad Sanjay Gulawani Avatar
    Prasad Sanjay Gulawani

    Can I get his address or contact no. ? also I have to visit that village mentioned in Kalindi Book

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