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  • My favourite instrument- tanpura

    I know, many of my readers would have already jumped to the conclusion that flute is my favourite instrument. Well, not so true. This is realized when I really gave it a thought. The general observation is, if you ask several people which their favourite instrument is, and what makes it so dear to them, […]

  • Is Pune that bad?

    Every person loves the place where he has been brought up. All the humans love their native places. People in life shift to better cities but still, they miss something which they find at their native place only. This is true with almost all of people. We wrongly judge cities due to attachments, emotions and […]

  • Nature is the key to arts

    A few days ago, I was invited in a conference which was organised to think upon today’s youth and how to reach to them through lecture series. In this conference, one session was devoted to tell whatever you feel in connection with today’s youth. Being one of the speakers, I chose a very interesting topic […]

  • Amjad Ali Khan or Mukul Shivputra

    You have to make compromises in life. I do not like to choose things. But most of the times, you have to choose. Pune is a hub of musicians and performers. Performers love to play in Pune. Many times, it happens that two concerts get arranged on same day, at a same time. Then, fans […]

  • Art is always purposeless

    It is said, that a purpose given to a thing reduces its value. Things which have no purpose are always beautiful, precious, priceless. When we attach some purpose to these things, they start to deteriorate. This same rule holds true for art. An art should always be purposeless. Applications should have a purpose to them; […]

  • Shujaat Hussain Khan

    Indian classical music has accommodated all sorts of instruments. Each of these instruments has its own beauty. One of the finest instruments Indian Classical Music has is, Sitar. Sitar is perhaps the most delicate instrument. Most loved by the listeners across the world. Shujaat Hussain Khan, one of the famous musicians of India has created […]

  • Indian Music

    Indian music,which can be said to be the oldest form of music, is attracting a great number of people all over the world.The Indian music, along with its musical quality, is now in limelight more because of ┬álatest research being conducted which prove it to be much healing and much beneficial. Vedas are said to […]

  • Famous musicians of India #2

    Ustaad Allauddin Khan It was a noon time.A poor man was trying to sell his sub standard music drums called as Dafli which are played with the help of hands.He was merely successful in doing go.Along with him were sitting his poor children waiting for a customer;if he buys the drum they are going to […]

  • Famous Musicians of India #1

    I am very pleased to announce that for the first time I am starting a new series here on this blog.The series is named as Famous Musicians of India.India can be considered as birth place of music.Thousands of years ago Vedas were sung in musical notes.From there originated the concept of Sura(note) and Taal(Tempo or […]

  • Divine Strings……

    In india one can find thousands of stringed instruments.All these instruments were collectively called as Veena.One of the very famous stringed instruments of all these Veenas is Sarod.In India Sarod has been played by many famous players which were praised internationally. The most famous and most profound Sarod player from India was Ustad Allauddin Khan.Allauddin […]