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  • Freedom and Sensitivity: Two Values That Make Our Existence Meaningful

    After many days, I am successful at taking out some time to write. We need a whole lot of things to live our lives. We need followers, critics, praise, freedom, trust and many more things to live our life. What will happen if someone starts taking them out from your life one by one? I […]

  • The Fastest Way of…..(Probably Fooling Yourself!)

    The fastest way of learning is not the best way of learning. The fastest way of driving is not the best way of driving. The fastest way of teaching is not the best way of teaching. The fastest way of shaving is not the best way of shaving. The fastest way of ……….. is not […]

  • Knowledge, Money, Respect and Fame : Are you sure will make you happy?

    Today, I got a sweet surprise when I suddenly met a family friend of us after many years. To be precise, we met after 11 years. I remember this person, often visiting our house, may be once in three months to chat with us. He was a faraway relative of us. I was quite impressed […]

  • Are dogs happier than humans?

    Ninad Gadre, who used to be a good friend of mine always used to say that dogs look much happier than humans. He somewhere really felt that humans are sinners and that’s why they are humans and the dogs have must have done something really virtuous in their past life and hence they are happier […]

  • Are you living a hollow life?

    If reading the very title of this post makes you sad, the answer for you is yes! Well, I keep on thinking over this particular question many times. For me, nothing is worse than living a hollow life. Living a bit harsher life is better, I would say, than living a hollow life. What I […]

  • The magic of relaxed control

    Generally, people look at life in two different ways. They either assume that everything which happens around is for the sake of good, inevitable and cannot be changed or they assume that everything around us can be and needs to be changed. On the occasions of different talks, given to different audiences, I always receive […]

  • Osho : The poor story teller

    Many times, you find gems where you expect least to find them. As they say it rightly, diamonds are found in coal mines. In India, a local proverb rightly says that lotuses flower in mud. Same was my reaction when I found a nice statement in a very artificial and cunning write-up which was a […]

  • Let us talk something substantial!

    While having a wonderful discussion with some of the friends, I uttered out a sentence. The sentence was- ” The best way to make people silent is to ask them something substantial “ At that time, I was taken aback. I made the statement very casually but it is a valuable statement. Not only that, […]

  • Angry humans and a dead dog

    Keeping your eyes open helps you a lot. When your eyes are open, you can find solutions everywhere around you. The world is flooded with the solutions. Only thing is, our eyes should be open to perceive them. Angry humans who are found all around is a big problem which we encounter everywhere. This problem […]

  • Osho on Zen – Do not wait for right time

    Insights of Osho on Zen are the answers for the common questions which all of us encounter, everyday in our lives. These questions which we encounter, are not necessarily spiritual in nature. They can be related to our day to day life.Insights of Osho on Zen are the answers to all these questions. One of […]