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  • This is why You Should not Look for a Purpose in Your Life

    Everyone should find the purpose of his life- this is what we have always been told. Books, elders, teachers, mentors and anyone else we happen to meet, always tell us about importance of having a purpose in your life. I remember this incidence which took place some four years ago. I happened to interact with […]

  • Doha of Kabir on Love: Dhai Akhar Prem Ka

    पोथी पढी पढी जग मुवा पंडित भया न कोय ढाई आखर प्रेम का पढे सो पंडित होय Translation: [Entire world is engrossed in reading scriptures but no one has become ‘learned’. The one who understands two and half alphabets of love, attains the wisdom.] Kabir walked the path of love. This doha of Kabir on […]

  • Your Screwed Relationships and WhatsApp

    One of the most important benefits of internet is the fact that it has helped us to stay connected with the close ones. Some years ago, text messages were much in demand and I remember many of our friends frequently changing their mobile service providers as cheaper and cheaper message packs were launched. I guess […]

  • Freedom : Key to healthy relationships (2)

    The first article in this series, key to healthy relationships talks about trust. It is very difficult to trust someone and at the same time to do justice to trust kept on oneself by somebody else. Trusting someone is really difficult but giving someone freedom is even more difficult. The irony is, everyone wants his […]

  • Find your focus

    A long night of thoughtfulness gives me many answers. I love night because it answers my questions. Not all, but even a few questions being answered is enough for me. I don’t want all of the rains, a few soothing drops satisfy me. For whom I live this life? This was the long question which […]

  • Love or Deal?

    Some days ago, we had a nice discussion about love and relationship. The most fantastic thing is that, both girls and boys were present in the discussion. The topic was of course about a girl saying yes or no to a guy’s proposal. A girl raised very significant point, that the girl at very first […]