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  • Angry humans and a dead dog

    Keeping your eyes open helps you a lot. When your eyes are open, you can find solutions everywhere around you. The world is flooded with the solutions. Only thing is, our eyes should be open to perceive them. Angry humans who are found all around is a big problem which we encounter everywhere. This problem […]

  • In present, there is no space, no mind….

    Mind can be considered as the greatest problem faced by human beings. We generally consider mind as the greatest gift. Only human beings are able to think so profoundly. Only human beings have developed such subtle feelings. It is always said that, the greatest gift that humanity has got from god is his mind. But, […]

  • The game of Dreams….

    The sleep has no value, or to be more precise, activities in sleep have no value. It is all fiction. Activity in sleep does not need any courage; rather things which we cannot to when we are awake, we do them in the dreams. Dreams are like customizable lives. All that we want to do, […]

  • Nature of Mind and Thought

    Mind of a human being is the driving force behind all of his actions. This mind controls the wills and the wishes of the person. All the noble things that happen under this sun are an outcome of this mind and at the same time each and every sin being committed, is committed under the […]

  • Thoughts and Mind- A deeper Look

    Many of the readers of my blog were much more confused than before after reading an articles about the functioning of  mind. So I am rather writing a new post to describe how mind actually works. The original article is – Thoughts in the mind- Clouds in the Sky The article says that thought are […]

  • Thoughts in the Mind-Clouds in the Sky

    Pure space has neither colour nor shape and it cannot be stained either black or white These two lines, told by the great mystic Tilopa to his Disciple Naropa show the subtle working of mind in its reality. Pure space has no shape and also, it doesn’t not have any colour. The pure space can […]