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  • यु. जी. कृष्णमूर्ती : एक वेडा संत

    यु. जी. कृष्णमूर्ती : एक वेडा संत

    विसाव्या शतकात भारतात खरंतर नको तितके संत होऊन गेले. रमणा महर्षी, ओशो, जिद्दू कृष्णमूर्ती, मेहेर बाबा, निसर्गदत्त महाराज.. यादी करायची म्हंटली तर फार मोठी होईल. एखाद्या व्यक्तीचं संतात रूपांतर होणं म्हणजे दुर्लभ घटना. असं असताना देखील विसाव्या शतकात संतांची श्रीमंती होती. या सर्व यादीमध्ये एक महत्वाचं नाव वगळयल्या जातं. ते नाव म्हणजे यु. जी. कृष्णमूर्ती. […]

  • Salman Rushdie- Redefining respect

    Universally, almost all the human beings want respect. Respect is the ultimate thing which everyone is running after. We can see people around us running after different things- right from physical power to political powers. People around us always try to acquire at least one of the items from this list- money, power, knowledge etc., […]

  • Do you want to sustain?

    When someone from completely different field enters some other field, he looks at the things in a totally different perspective. I am in somewhat similar position. I never took efforts to read typical corporate literature. Somehow, I am trying to make myself comfortable with all these terms. The result is, I end up interpreting the […]

  • Osho : The poor story teller

    Many times, you find gems where you expect least to find them. As they say it rightly, diamonds are found in coal mines. In India, a local proverb rightly says that lotuses flower in mud. Same was my reaction when I found a nice statement in a very artificial and cunning write-up which was a […]

  • Osho: Ahead of all the crackpots

    Thanks to Mr. Rajinder Puri, I came to know one of the most interesting quotes I have ever read. The first person whose face flashed in front of my eyes when I read this quote for the first time was Osho. He is beyond that quote. The quote reads like this-  ‘People who can see […]

  • Osho: Do not wake up a slave!

    Osho has quoted almost infinite number of saints and philosophers in his discourses. Apart from that, his readers can find many beautiful proverbs scattered in his discourses. Nothing remains in our hands other than wondering about his infinite stock of proverbs. More surprising is his selection of right proverbs at right moments. I remember many such proverbs, […]

  • The ultimate method

    Whenever I need genuine meaning and authentic commentary on works of any of the saints, I try to find out what Osho says about the person. He has the ability to understand and put in words what the saint exactly wanted to say. The tragedy is, we can only read the works of many great […]

  • Let us talk something substantial!

    While having a wonderful discussion with some of the friends, I uttered out a sentence. The sentence was- ” The best way to make people silent is to ask them something substantial “ At that time, I was taken aback. I made the statement very casually but it is a valuable statement. Not only that, […]

  • Osho : What is a wicked joke?

    Atisha is a quite unknown mystic to the people around. Osho can be called as a master of masters because he took the efforts to take out all these unknown masters and make us a bit aware about them. I remember reading a book by Osho which is dedicated to the exploration of Sutras of […]

  • Osho on Zen – Do not wait for right time

    Insights of Osho on Zen are the answers for the common questions which all of us encounter, everyday in our lives. These questions which we encounter, are not necessarily spiritual in nature. They can be related to our day to day life.Insights of Osho on Zen are the answers to all these questions. One of […]