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  • Lunch with Mangesh Padgaonkar : Delicious moments of my life

      Almost all of us believe that spices and cook come together to make your food delicious. Mangesh Padgaonkar made me think over this. Now I say, spices, cook and sprouting discussions make your food delicious. As always, I was once again fortunate enough to have lunch with two great personalities, Mangesh Padgaonkar, one of […]

  • Dohe of Kabir # 6

    Saint Kabir makes us stop still with the helps of his two liners, called Doha. This beautiful Doha of Kabir is worth a thousand lines- माँगन मरण समान है, मत माँगो कोई भीख । माँगन से तो मरना भला, यह सतगुरु की सीख English Translation- (Do not ask for anything. To ask for anything is […]

  • Nature is the key to arts

    A few days ago, I was invited in a conference which was organised to think upon today’s youth and how to reach to them through lecture series. In this conference, one session was devoted to tell whatever you feel in connection with today’s youth. Being one of the speakers, I chose a very interesting topic […]

  • My moments with Mangesh Padgaonkar 1

    Some people are very special. We have great ideas about them in our mind. For us, to meet them is just a dream. We just carry some ideas about them which define them according to our information and image built up in our minds. And then, some day, suddenly you come to know that you […]

  • Come, sing and dance…

    Open those sleepy eyes and just have a glance, Why keeping away, come sing and dance… All world is rejoicing, why are you out of tune? Put hands in hands and just be a commune….. This world is burning up, you are also a spark, Just fall down, without holding a single bark… Bubbles come […]

  • Dohe of Kabir #5

    जाती नं पुछो साधू की पुछ लिजिये ग्यान मोल करो तलवार का पडा राहन दो म्यान…. (Do not ask a holy man his cast, look at his knowledge. One should always inquire about the sword and not its cover.) One of the basic problem of human beings is, that they need respect. Any person on this earth […]

  • At your feet, no hope remains…….

    In the world of desires, fear remains, At your feet, no hope remains…. This is the net, born out of hopes, The one leaves hopes, up copes… The one who is afraid, of going down, Will not enter, His town… One who can float, in the sea of uncertainty, will have certainty in plenty…. leaves […]

  • Do Two Exist?

    I cut each and every curtain, which does not exist. I look inside each and everyone, who does not exist. Then I ask apparent myself, Do two exist?   I go behind each and every mirror. I search light inside each chandelier Then I ask apparent myself, Do two exist?   I feel the beauty […]

  • Who cares?

    The weaver is on the road, to weave clothes for the abode, Who cares? To solve all the complications, to remove all negations, Who cares? To show everyone the bliss, to show them what they miss, Who cares? He tries to bring the glory, tries to make happy every story, Who cares? Remaining are the […]

  • What is this?

    The strange smells around, The never heard bells around, Something beautiful is bound, just to happen…. This internal peace, the greener than ever trees, It just means, something is going to happen….. The never seen lights, the never reached flights, The farthest kites, are flying in the sky……. This very light, was never so bright, and yes, no internal fight, […]