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  • Amjad Ali Khan : The one who understands sarod

    Each instrument is different just as each individual person is different. There are different ways of behaving with different kinds of persons according to their nature and their structure. Same thing holds true for the instruments also. To be more precise about this, each instrument is like a person. Each instrument has different domain, different […]

  • Amjad Ali Khan or Mukul Shivputra

    You have to make compromises in life. I do not like to choose things. But most of the times, you have to choose. Pune is a hub of musicians and performers. Performers love to play in Pune. Many times, it happens that two concerts get arranged on same day, at a same time. Then, fans […]

  • Jingle Bells and Amjad Ali Khan

    Ustad Amjad Ali Khan had been invited to USA for delivering a performance. He was requested to perform Jingle Bells. And he performed it nicely. But it attracted a number of critics and Ustadji was blamed a lot. So, I consider it my duty to throw some light on the quality of performance. The first […]