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What did music teach me?

As far as I can remember my past, I find some place for music. The oldest memories which I have about myself, have a tint of music, a unique flavour of records of Pt. Bhimsen Joshi that my father used to play in our house. Those days are still clear in front of me, now. Then came the days when I started practising music. I remember those days when my friends used to laugh on me; saying why you waste the time which you get to play. I do not know the reason, but I always loved sitting alone and practising my music than playing in a crowd of kids.

Almost always it happens with music students that they loose their touch with music when they face their tenth standard board exams. Same happened with me also. But, rare thing is, the thread connecting me and music did not break. It was a temporary separation.  When favourable conditions came, the love for music sprouted up. The reason behind digging out all these things is, an interesting discussion with a friend. The friend very bluntly asked me to tell him what I got out of spending so much of time.

As for as I am concerned, the question makes no sense. We do not do all things because we get something. Rather, doing some things bring so much of joy with them that you do not need any other reason. But still, I can understand the mindset of my friend. He also needs an answer for his rational mind. So, I ask myself: leave the joy aside. What else did I get from spending so much of time on music?

The answer is quite big. There are many outputs, some minor, some significant but all of them are valuable. Playing flute taught me how to be stable. It taught me the art of being unaffected by the surroundings. Stability of breath makes one’s life stable in all the situations. Practising music taught me to sit silently at a place, without getting tired and distracted. I sit in front of my Guru, listening for hours what he teaches. Music has improved my concentration and awareness.

Through this passion, I came to know so many divine artists and could meet them. Each of them taught me something different. I have not met many artists; their music teach a lot even in their absence. Guruma Annapurna Devi teaches us highest level of dedication; towards Gurus, music and even one’s disciples. She is an goddess who takes us beyond all the material aspects, where music is pure, divine. Pt. Shivkumar Sharma taught me meditation. He is simply a yogi. Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia is a perfect incarnation of lord Krishna. His love and affection towards his disciples is phenomenal. Pt. Nityanand Haldipur teaches us to devote ourselves to our Gurus. It feels really blessed to be among all of them. The list does not end here. Pt. C.R. Vyas teaches us to manage day-to- day life and music together. His dedication, hard work, devotion are beyond imagination. Pt. Suhas Vyas teaches us how a Guru should be in changed scenarios where there are newer challenges in front of music learners.

The list is unending. There is so much to learn; lives will be insufficient to contain all this wisdom.  What music has taught me is beyond all the books and scriptures. It needs a blessed one to get all this.

Famous Musicians of India music

Shivkumar Sharma at Swarbhaskar Festival

Pune has blessed my life in many ways. Generally people outside Pune consider that it is a over rated city. Yes, in many aspects, it might be an over rated city. But as far as Indian classical music is concerned, Pune is really one of the best cities to live. The artists which you otherwise listen on records and You- Tube come actually to the stage to play for Pune.

I got a chance to listen to Pandit Shivkumar Sharma, one of the most authentic, brilliant and genius artist of whole world. Pandit Shivkumar Sharma can be considered to be a  tallest standing peak in music world today.

Shivkumar Sharma

One thing which I liked the most is, though the time for the performance was quite limited, he did not compromised with the Raga. He said I will play only one Raga in full flavor instead of playing many Ragas. Concert started with Raga Kausi Kanada, a very marvelous Raga. Shivkumar Sharma played first alap then jod and then two compositions. Sound system was good but not extra ordinary. But, even then, the twinkling notes of Santoor were coloring entire sky.  Each note, each stroke was throwing a different kind of color on the canvas of sky.

Shivkumar Sharma has divine knowledge of rhythm. His understanding of notes i.e. Sura and their dialogues is without any challenge. Shivkumar Sharma just goes on winding a net of Notes and rhythm and not a single person who has true quest of music can escape from this net.

Shivkumar Sharma, his appearance, his being dissolved in a trance……everything is out of this world. He gives us glimpse of his Sadhana, his meditation over his instrument. Shivkumar Sharma opens up all the colors of world through hundred strings. What remains behind is a silent soul, left alone in eternity.

I have listened many concerts, many performers and their performances. Some are skillfully great some musically.I can say one thing for sure. Shivkumar Sharma is mystically great. The silence his music creates in your heart does not leave you even for months and years.

He is again coming on 22nd of January with his most loved accompanist Zakir Hussain. I am just waiting for that day………

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