Jagannath Kunte

Jagannath Kunte : A man beyond words

I do not know if I know this strange man jagannath Kunte in so much details so as to write an article about him. But, one thing is sure, he is not a man of this world. He is made up of different salt. Some different aura.

Jagannath Kunte

The first encounter I had with him when I was working as secretary of Philosophy Club. A lecture was to be arranged and I thought he was the best person we could invite. From somewhere i got his number and he answered the call. He came for the lecture without asking for even a single Rupee.

Later on, Jagannath Kunte was not at all a part of my life. I was quite buisy reading different books and other stuff. In last week, I again got a chance to meet him. I in the very first visit, bought all the six books written by him and to be honest, could not put down the first book Narmade Har Har and finished it hurriedly.

Apart from reading the books, I got opportunity to watch him from a closer distance. And, certainly, he is extra ordinary. His eyes are innocent and frank. His being is truthful. It confirms my belief that Swami jagannath Kunte is certainly not a man of this world.

I have read about many saints who were full of grace. After visiting Jagannath Kunte, I can say that I have seen one of them.



I kept on meeting Swami Jagannath Kunte after this meeting. I was fortunate enough to be able to meet him 4-5 times after that. In the consecutive meetings, he asked me to read all of his books, which I certainly did. Here is a post which I have written about his famous book, Narmade Har Har-

Narmade Har Har- Exceptional blend of mysticism and writing skills

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