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  • Do Two Exist?

    I cut each and every curtain, which does not exist. I look inside each and everyone, who does not exist. Then I ask apparent myself, Do two exist?   I go behind each and every mirror. I search light inside each chandelier Then I ask apparent myself, Do two exist?   I feel the beauty […]

  • Basho-An ocean of three lines

    Wild Heron Sleeping- Undisturbed nobility This is what is called as a three line ocean. A three line wonder. People waste thousands of pages writing books and still, those books are impotent in front of these three lines. These three lines are oceanic. Instead of giving you any thought, these lines give you the glimpse. […]

  • Yeh Jo Halka Halka……

    Paas Rehta Hai Duur Rehta Hai Koi Dil Mein Zaroor Rehta Hai Jab Say Dekha Hai Un Ki Aankhon Ko Halka Halka Suroor Rehta Hai (Near or away, certainly someone is living in the heart.Since I saw her eyes, what remains is a mild dilute intoxication.) When I heard these words from famous sufi qawalli […]

  • Ghalib: The unbeatable Beauty

    Many poets, I love. I love them for their beauty, for their tenderness.Ghalib is one of those poets. Ghalib was not enlightened. He was not a saint or the one who had seen. But, his vision was very sensitive. He had immensely sensitive. Here, I again a remember a beautiful couplet from Ghalib- People are […]

  • Ghalib- Submerged in the sorrow

    The most striking topics which Ghalib handled in his poetry were love and spirituality. In general common reader does not come across a Ghalib completely submerged in his pain. But, if we read more, Ghalib was really submerged in his pain. Though his life was full of sorrow, he never had an attitude of a […]

  • Ghalib- the master of expression

    One of the most famous personalities that the world of poetry has seen, is Mirza Ghalib. Very few poets have got the dignity and respect which Ghalib has got. Ghalib is among the most aprpreciated poets in the whole world. Many people have wasted their lives to study his works and at the end, so […]