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  • Osho on Zen – Do not wait for right time

    Insights of Osho on Zen are the answers for the common questions which all of us encounter, everyday in our lives. These questions which we encounter, are not necessarily spiritual in nature. They can be related to our day to day life.Insights of Osho on Zen are the answers to all these questions. One of […]

  • Osho Zen Insight for doctors

    Osho is an ocean of insights. While reading any of the books by Osho, the reader gets hundreds of insights. In particular, when Osho talks about Zen saints and their unique anecdotes, reader can expect huge bundles of insights. Of course, reader has to be alert to catch these Zen insights by Osho. Osho in […]

  • Dogen – The Zen Master

    The way of Zen has given the world many unique masters. Zen flowered and blossomed without limits. Many Zen Masters have attained the peaks of consciousness and helped hundreds of their disciples to attain the same. Zen is so unique, so alive. Osho tells us about the Zen Master Dogen. Like all other Zen masters, […]

  • Basho-An ocean of three lines

    Wild Heron Sleeping- Undisturbed nobility This is what is called as a three line ocean. A three line wonder. People waste thousands of pages writing books and still, those books are impotent in front of these three lines. These three lines are oceanic. Instead of giving you any thought, these lines give you the glimpse. […]

  • The Lao- Tsu way

    Lao Tsu, one of the most loved mystics of all the times, had described the behavior of the one who is in search of the truth. There are many mystics who have described how the behavior of a seeker should be, but the one given by Lao Tsu is unbeatable. Lao Tsu says, “Imagine a […]

  • Feel the Zen,Be the Zen…

    When any religion is started or rather to be more precise,when any religion is established by followers of any enlightened master, the very beauty or the very essence disappears. Each and every religion was very wonderful when the master who was behind it was alive. Then the disciples try to organize the religion, make a […]