Tear and then patch- the Birbal way of mind!

One of the famous story shows the insight which Birbal had. Once Akbar wanted to demonstrate Birbal that how skillful Akbar was. So, he got a pillow and with the help of a sword, cut it so swiftly that Birbal even could not notice that the pillow was cut in two pieces. Akbar just gave pillow a slight push and it fell down in two pieces. The story further says that Birbal took a needle and a thread and patched the pillow so skillfully that no one could identify it as a torn one.

Thought can also be similarly used in two ways. The way of tearing the things and also in the way of patching the things. And most of the human effort is wasted in this- at first tearing the things and then patching up again. For the whole of his life, we are playing this game-of tearing and patching.

Hence, religions ask for thoughtlessness. If you remain in thought, this game will go on for the whole of the life with no output. The pillow will be finally same as it was earlier but the time will be lost, energy will be lost.





3 responses to “Tear and then patch- the Birbal way of mind!”

  1. Nikhil Sheth Avatar

    Can you please explain what output you want to seek by remaining thoughtless and experiencing nothingness otherwise Is there any meaning in the ‘output’ as such? I have not given much thought to it.

  2. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar

    The output of the life is to know that there is no output. Thought gives us the output not the thoughtlessness…..

  3. Advait Bhide Avatar
    Advait Bhide

    You may find “The Tao of Physics – Fritjoff Capra” a very interesting read…

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