The art of learning….

It is often believed that everything can be taught. In all the fields, this holds true. A teacher is needed. To teach students science, maths, physics, yes, a teacher is needed. But as far as spirituality is concerned, no one can teach it to you, you have to learn it.

The basic reason behind this is, learning the other subjects is not learning. It is just gathering data and applying it. Learning comes into picture when you are changing yourself. When we learn say science, there is no change in our being. There is in other words no transformation. As far as spirituality is concerned, transformation is the only thing that you have to learn.

But again, transformation cannot be taught. It has to be learned. Osho says that a teacher is one who teaches whereas a master is one who is. Master ignites this process of learning. master teaches nothing, rather he just is. Through his very presence, learning takes place, transformation takes place.

it is said that when a disciple is ready enough for this process of learning, master pops up. The care is taken by existence. When you are ready for this learning, for this transformation, he will come out of no where. Just a total availability for the learning is needed.






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    When we “learn” something , isn’t there any “transformation” ??
    When i learnt to , say walk or talk , there was a great “transformation” or “change” in my life , wasn’t it ??

    “…learning the other subjects is not learning.. It is just gathering data and applying it…..”
    >> But one has to “learn” how to gather data & also “learn” how to apply it ……..

    I liked the way a teacher & a master have been differentiated………..SMARTLY!!

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