The birth of tragedy by Nietzsche

Friedrich Nietzsche has been one of the men who influence me o lot; or rather I would like say, Nietzsche is the one of the persons who touches my heart. Nietzsche was awarded doctorate and was accepted as a Professor at the very age of 25. This had raised eyebrows of many people.

After being appointed as Professor, Nietzsche wrote his very first book, Birth of Tragedy which was condemned like nothing else because of the errors it had in it. Instead of proving appointment of Nietzsche as a professor a wise decision, this book resulted in even more criticism of this decision.

After some years, Nietzsche himself added a preface named Self Criticism to this book. Many critics had written their criticisms on this book; but this written by Nietzsche is so superb, that it is considered as the best criticism the world has ever seen. Many of the times, this book is read to study this criticism. That’s why, I love Nietzsche so much, that he was always best; let it be criticism or anything. Even this book, The Birth of Tragedy, though has many errors, can be considered as one of the best thing that anyone has ever written about Tragedy

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