The courage of being alone

Humans cannot live if they are left alone. A person cannot imagine his life if he is allowed to live alone, without any one with him. Man forms a delicate bond with everyone around him or rather everything around him. It has been very often found that people who do not have people to be attached with, attach themselves with the things! Attachment with vehicles, house is very common. One thing is for sure- man fears to live alone.

We are all living a dummy life because we fear to live alone. In all our behavior, we take care that no one is hurt by us; not because we do not want to hurt but because we fear to live alone. The person can leave me if I hurt him or her. So, we go away from our reality. We go away from our nature, our Swadharma. A man who is not courageous enough to live alone cannot walk the path of truth. This sounds cruel, but this is a fact. You have to walk the way alone.

The other important thing is that, if you are truthful, people will not want to be there with you. People want fake consolations rather than stringent truth. So, if you go on speaking truth in a company of your friends, soon, you will find yourself alone,  not surrounded by anyone. Soon you will find yourself detached from this big world. And, generally, we love to be with people, to be surrounded by people. So, the way of truth is left away. Fake smiles come on the faces, fake justifications are invented.

This courage is the most important thing for a seeker. The courage of being alone is the basic requirement of spiritual journey.





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    aavadla………agree with every word …….nice !!

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