The Divine Trinity

The process of evolution is going on. Both science and Philosophy are going ahead marching their roads. They are uncovering things and as they do so, they come to know that much more remains to be uncovered. This world, as far as journey of knowledge is concerned, is a trinity.

This trinity consists of three parameters. Know, unknown and beyond knowledge. In Indian conventional language, they are respectively called as Dnyat, Dnyeya and Adnyeya. These three terms of this trinity cover all the human knowledge and also the things which we are yet to discover.

In general it is said that science works in the region of known. It goes on discovering things, which already are there. Whatever may be the result or outcome of an experiment, it is just discovering. Philosophy comes in the region of Unknown. The Philosopher goes on inventing unknown things. As these things are known, then science starts working on them. This may be the reason that why scientists are always good philosophers.

The third part of this trinity is, Beyond knowledge. These things are the things, which we can never make part of our knowledge. We can at max, sense them, experience them. To put these things into the words is next to impossible.

This Divine Trinity is the main cause that human consciousness is running ahead, discovering and inventing more and more things.





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