The fake Babas…..

This week was for Babas…..the fake Sadhus………

In India or anywhere in the world where too many parameters which are out of control of a particular human being play role,govern his life,Babas are born.These Babas or fake sages are nothing but outcome of the fact that ordinary man at such  places has not even minimal control over his life.If he will get earning for the day or not depends on the contractor.If he will get Below Poverty Line benefits,which by law is his right  depend on clerks in office.Will his slum be kept as it is or will be thrown away depend on bilder lobby and politicians.So,very few things remain in his hands.As these Babas promote themselves as only messenger between human and divine,certainly this man who is looser in his life is going to be get attracted towards fake holy men.

On the other hand,these Babas have political support as these Babas hold a much of crowd and hence a lot of voes in their hands.At the same time,these fake hermits are the medium through which any illegal  activity can be carried out silently.Rich people support these Babas because they want to wash out all their misdeeds they did to earn the money by serving this Babas and also,these people are happy that many illegal things which they could never do in their can be easily done it the ‘holy’ places of Babas.

These Babas are nothing but an outlet for all the ugly things inside us those we go on hiding from  society to fulfill our vested interests.






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  1. Dinanath Baviskar Avatar
    Dinanath Baviskar

    Namaskar Mandar, I would like to congratulate you first for meeting Swamiji Jagannath Kunte. My mother also is very eager to meet Swamiji. Will you please pass on his contact number and address at my mail ID? Om Sai!!!

    1. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar

      Dear Dinanath,
      Thanks for the comment.
      I will email you his contact no.
      He is in Pune it seems.

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