The Hope – with Bernie

Recently following the Presidential campaign in US has been both devastating and alluring. We in India are used to political campaigns which mostly run on emotions (mostly false), attachments and associations (mostly untrue) and a whole gamut of drama in the name of equality, freedom and secularism. Reading articles, watching campaign videos and Democratic debates was devastating for a particular reason. These campaign has shown me how US (no matter declared and believed to be developed) has so much gross inequality. I have also been disappointed to see how politicians in US are more articulate than their Indian counterparts but are involved in ‘cognitive corruption’. US citizens will definitely be in a better position than me to furnish the details and the right side of the picture of various politicians/candidates; however one thing has changed the way I see hope. Amidst the pessimistic and pseudo centrist ideologies this campaign definitely raises hope for a radical change.BernieSanders-WallStBernie Sanders, the longest serving independent in congressional history speaks about change in the manner iconically different from his competitors. His proposals for change seem impractical to some but  to some they are hope. He is though not running a campaign on delusional promises or hate speeches. He is running the campaign on the strength of his character, imagination and experience. While the popular media is already leaning on the side of Hillary and declaring a win for her, Sanders is still running the race because he practically has chances to win the nomination. It has been a long time, that I had not heard a honest political voice and here it is in 2016 fighting for the middle and the low class. Listening to his speeches gives you a hope that honesty and candid expressions are worth all the cost that they may have as they surely yield you great satisfaction is doing the right rather than doing it diplomatically.

To all  those who have not heard about him and have not hear him speak; please search for him or you may miss some honest words from a man of mettle.






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