The Humble Questions in Upnishad

To question the things is one of the basic right of human beings. Human beings are differentiated from other animals because they have the ability to question. The can question the things. The questions are considered to be the first step towards the process learning. You have questions is enough to prove that you are human.

For what purpose we question? Do we really want an answer for our questions? Do we really strive for knowledge? We ask many questions. What is actual purpose behind them? Most of the times, we put questions to test the person in front. Many a times, we put questions to show that we have knowledge. While, for the remaining time, we question because we want an answer.

Here, I remember Sarvasar Upnishad. This Upnishad at first, prays god that we are on a journey towards wisdom. Please bless us. Then, the Upnishad has questions. What is the purpose of this prayer in the very starting of the Upnishad? Questions can simply be asked without any prayer. But, the prayer in the starting of Upnishad or almost all the Hindu Scriptures show the purpose behind the questions. These are not the ordinary questions. These questions are not asked to know the answer and improve knowledge. The one who wants to know the answer is not ready for the transformation.  In Upnishad, at the very starting, the seer declares, that he wants to transform himself and this transformation is what he is seeking.

This is the right way of questioning. No answer is being sought. You pray that you should be transformed…..





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    I like the thought of not asking the question for the sake of getting answers , bcoz then if somehow we stop getting answers for our question then we would probably stop asking questions………!!

    Asking the question for the sake of “TRANSFORMATION” is indeed a wonderful thought…………..hope it will “transform” my ideas @ questioning…….!!!

    Again , Mandar , u made me stop and think…………kudos !!! 🙂 🙂

    1. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar

      Thanks a lot for taking so much interest!!

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