The ‘Kalam-Death’ Effect

India lost one of its gems a few weeks ago. After that, much has been written about and spoken about this missile man of India. Can you imagine what the effect of his death on his popularity was? Have a look at the graph below. Certainly, in case of Mr. Kalam, his death brought a lot of focus on to him.


The question which I have in my mind, after watching this graph, is, what else can make people take so much interest in someone or in someone’s work? Certainly, death does the great job of bringing attention of masses to a person and his work. What else can do this miracle?
If we would have given so much of attention and taken so much of interest in Mr. Kalam’s work when he was alive, we could have helped him to achieve much more.
The same is true with all of us. The same is true with all the people working sincerely for different causes. In case of Dr. Kalam, he had enough fame; that is not true with many others. Do you have an answer for this question? What else, apart from someone’s death can compel people to take interest in him and his work?






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  1. rucha Avatar

    There own interest and passion I think.

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