The Penis Story

A few days before, I was sitting with Dr. Sharangpani, an eminent doctor who was going to deliver a lecture at Vasant Vyakhyanmala at Tilak Smarak Mandir, Pune. As usual, after the lecture was over, we were sitting in the room and having discussion with him. This is a beautiful story told by him and which he says, perfectly describes the situation of patients and doctors today.

A boy, quite nervous, rushes to a nearby surgeon.

Surgeon: What’s the problem?

Boy: For a past few days, I am finding some bluish color on my left testicle.

Doctor: Let me just investigate. (After investigation) It’s something really dangerous. I would advice that the left testicle should be removed as soon as possible.

Boy : Hello, I am just 22. How can it be removed?

Doctor : Look son, we will have to remove it before it goes to your right testicle. We should do it fast.

The boy, nervous and all in sweat finally undergoes the surgery and one testicle is removed. But after three days, he find the same thing, the blue color on sole right testicle.

Doctor: We did delay in removing the infected testicle. This remaining thing should also be removed  soon.

The boy, shivering with fear, undergoes the surgery and is now without testicles.

But, the horrible part is, after three days, he again finds the same bluish thing on his penis. Quite horrified, he again goes to Doctor.

Doctor: This infection seems really dangerous. We should cut away the penis.

Boy : Are you mad? I am just 22.

Doctor : I will fix a tube in the place. You just relax and let me take care of the infection.

The surgery takes place. The boy is now without his testicles and penis, with a tube instead. But, to his surprise, he again finds the bluish thing on the tube. He hurriedly rushes to the doctor.

Boy : Doctor, this seems to be really horrible infection. What can be done about it?

Doctor, taken aback, carefully observes the infection.

Doctor : son, sorry to say, it’s nothing but color of your jeans……….

Thank you Dr. Sharangpani for the wonderful story.






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