The right way of caring

A wealthy businessman had two sons. He had a large empire of business behind his name. He was not sure, which son of him, either elder or the younger one was able to take care of his business. He was not able to find out which son of him will boost up the business. So, he decided to test them.

One morning, he called both of his sons. He handed each of them a pocket. He told both of his sons,”Look my dear boys. Here I have something very important in these pockets. I am handing one of them to each of you. I am going for a pilgrimage. Will come after 2 years. Please take care of these two packets. How you do it will decide who will be the successor of my business when I am gone.”

After two years, he came back. first, he asked his elder son to show him the packets. The elder son took father to a locker. He opened it. It was smelling really foul. With disappointment, father left. Then he asked the younger son to show what he had done.He took father in his was completely full of trees having flowers all over them. the packets contained seed.

Father was very much pleased with the vision of younger son. He just said, “Right way of caring for a seed is not putting it in locker but sowing it and regenerating it!”






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