The thought problem

It seems quite weird someone calling thought as a problem. Thought is considered as one of the greatest boons as far as human beings are concerned. It is said that thought is the basic force which drives all the human beings. It is a common observation that the person who thinks more, is always ahead in the life that the one who does not.

Is thought then really a problem? yes, we can say so. This article and next few articles will be talking in detail about the thought and its limitations. One of the most basic problem about the thought is that, it gives no room for the insight. As famous quantum physicist David Bohm says, thought is much a different concept from the thinking. In other words, if we follow a pattern of thinking for a long time, it becomes a thought and then we react to even new things according to this old pattern. It has been found that if we give an ill person along with medicine some sugar coated tablets, after some days his thought process cannot distinguish between actual drug and the tablet and hence, he can be treated even with the help of sugar tablets also.

Thus, if we follow a pattern of thinking for a long, it just forms a mechanism inside us. This mechanism will respond to things on itself in an old way without leaving any scope for consciousness, awareness and insight.






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    Yes, agree completely !!
    Indeed one must be conscious @ his thought-process not becoming the same ( stagnant )& thus be ready to accept even for the things out of his thought-process ( ie his expectations 🙂 )

    Im reminded of the following :
    An educated person is the one who can LEARN , RE-LEARN & UN-LEARN at any point of time !!

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