The world inside

Today, I feel a bit silent, calm. If something you trust gets proved, it does not give you relief, but certainly gives a calmness. If you require proof for something, then you do not trust it. Then you just verify it and agree with it. If is trust, it will need no proof. If you get proof, its just alright.

I see the world inside me today. It was unseen for many days. May be, I had watched it so much that it had kept itself hidden. Today, I again see it. I have become more fearless, more reckless, more lazy. But, it brings certain calmness.  This laziness is not out of avoiding something. It is out of certain certainty or to be more specific, uncertainty.  A tree is growing without certainty. So am I.  People say uncertainty brings depression. It is not so in the inside world. In the inside world, uncertainty liberates you of  everything. The most important is, it liberates you of certainty.

When you are able to live with uncertainty, it means, your inner world is, you  know, independent, in very true sense.   When you want certainty, it means, the world inside is not yet prepared, is not yet universal.





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    Raveena Oberoi

    I suggest you to read : Aatmopadesha Shatakam (आत्मोपदेश शतकम – 100 versus of self advices) by the great philosopher and social reformer – Shree Narayana Gurudeo of Travancore (now Kerala).

    View this link:

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