Most Viewed Posts from 2014!

soloDear Readers, 

Namaste from Mandar!
2014 is almost over. The new year comes up with many new challenges and many more opportunities.
I thought I might share top 4 posts from 2014 with you. These posts got highest attraction and page views. 
The posts are-
1. Jagannath Kunte : A Man Beyond Words : An article about Jagannath Kunte, a saint from India. Many conclude the matter by calling him as a fraud and many are his die-hard followers. I met him three four times, and yes, it was a very different kind of experience. Click Here to Read
2. Osho Section : Well, the Osho section is quite famous and popular among the readers. I stopped writing here after I started a separate web-site on Osho, still, this section attracts a lot of traffic. Click Here to Read 
3. Famous Musicians of India : This page is still under construction, but gets loads of traffic. It contains concert reviews, artist reviews and other articles related to different artists. Click Here to Read
4. Mukul Shivputra : Grace Continues : This is a concert review which I wrote after attending a concert given by Mukul Shivputra, a legendary vocalist. Click Here to Read 






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