What is this?

The strange smells around, The never heard bells around,

Something beautiful is bound, just to happen….

This internal peace, the greener than ever trees,

It just means, something is going to happen…..

The never seen lights, the never reached flights,

The farthest kites, are flying in the sky…….

This very light, was never so bright,

and yes, no internal fight, what else I want?

Everywhere just abyss, just full of bliss, can you tell me?

What is this?? What is this??

( Poem by Mandar Karanjkar written on 9th April.)






One response to “What is this?”

  1. dakshayani Avatar

    aaj kal paun zameen par nahi padate hai mere,
    bolo dekha hye kabhi tumne muzhe udate huwe! This means that you know nothing!which is the best part if you! Don’t ever ask what is happening to you. I am also feeling the same now…..”as if my view has changed”(I exactly don’t feel what has been written in quotes but can’t find better words.) but again I don’t want to know what is happening!

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