When "I" get Older……..

A well known saying is that all through red appears red.For me,every person has a color…a color in his being…it does not mean that being is colored…..the being is colorless….but the color is poured on it….by teachings,by doctrines,by dogmas.Each person is a unique color because each one is brought up in different time…by different religions….different layers of colors….one on one…multilayered…Then the colors set up….solid….concrete…which gives the person his “I”.In the spiritual progress of a man, there are many obstacles but the greatest is this “I”.

By stating so, I am not promoting any life negative thought.The truth or the tragedy is that this “I” is not a bad thing,but the poor fellow does not allow you to see the things as they are…rays of light coming from sun are always distorted by the pond and hence at the bottom,the sun is seen distorted.The whole purpose of meditations,rituals was initially to break the “I” but the fun is that we all practice them a bit and and start boasting and hence running away from the very purpose.

The sun can be seen as it is in its total reality only by one who has settled down the storm in his pond which means who has made is mind crystal clear which in other words means he has simply dropped his mind which means he has dropped his”I”.







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  1. Neeraj Avatar

    That ‘I’ is basis of our ego!,how to nullify or calm our ego?

    1. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar
      Mandar Karanjkar

      Ego cannot be calmed down or nullified.it has to be dropped.Just a bit of awareness is needed…then it drops down….:)

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