Why I am not the Prime Minister of India?

I am a man who is not fond of politics. If I see a politician coming, I just run away; not because I hate them but because I know that my very nature will not allow me to be one. But today morning, I read wonderful news in TOI which has provoked in me a tremendous urge to be a politician and not the ordinary one, but the Prime Minister.

The news was about the visit of Prime Minister of India to IIT Powai. A dinner was arranged there after the convocation programme. Food and Adulteration Department investigated the food before it was served to PM and found that many items were having chemicals, artificial colours and what not. All those items were prevented from being served. As PM was coming, everything which belonged to highest quality was used in the preparation. Now I am worried about a large number of students who are eating in the mess. What they are getting in their dish must be nothing but mess. So I think rather than wasting your life studying volumes of books, troubling your brain too much and that too for the sake of food which is not even worth touching, parents should start teaching politics to their children..

I  myself have bought a book by Mr. Idiotson Mediocre and have realized that it is not that difficult!






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