Will playing flute solve the ‘beggars’ problem?

I am an individual. But am i supposed to live only for myself? Is it alright if I alone blossom? Is it good if I enjoy all the luxuries of world and millions of people still remain there in poverty? Is it justified if i am on the peak of wisdom and satisfaction and major part of humanity is still quarreling for food?

Today, i ask myself a question- ‘Will playing flute solve the beggars problem?’

every morning I go to one hill near my house to play the flute. As I am engrossed in playing, many high class people who come for a morning walk on the hill stop by and praise me. Today morning, a man comes and stops in front of me. I thought this is some another person who will be appreciating the flute.

Playing flute can solve beggars problem: mandar karanjkar

“I did not earn enough money today to have a tea. Would you please buy me a tea?” The man very humbly said this.

I just looked at him, closed my eyes and started playing. But, this man is not going out of my mind. So, I ask myself-‘Will playing flute solve the beggars problem?’

But, this thought of beggars does not capture me for a long time. It does not prompt me to stop playing flute. I know, just like playing flute, no other solution can solve this problem. Even if I give all of the money I have to beggars, this problem will not be solved. I would dare to say, even if all the people donate money, this problem will not be solved.

What will solve this problem of beggars? This problem is a problem arising out of human mind. Can money solve human problems? This wold creature called mind has created all these problems. Rich people have mind, poor people have mind. Satisfied people have a mind and also the unsatisfied. But, it is the mind of rich which asks for more money and gives birth to beggars. On the same line, a beggar, even if given thousands of rupees, will remain a beggar as the desires will enslave him.

So, dropping mind will solve the beggars problem. How to drop mind? Just play a flute.

Yes, playing flute can solve beggars problem.






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