Indian Classical Music workshops

Flute playing workshop for kids in Pune

I am a true lover of Indian Classical Music. It can be seen that not all of us are fortunate enough to get a good tutor or even enough exposure to Indian Classical Music. Keeping this in mind, we, a small of group of music lovers conduct Indian Classical Music workshops.

We have worked with a wide range of age groups- from 2nd standard to retired senior citizens. These workshops can prove to be a gateway to one’s journey in the world of Indian Classical Music. The workshops can be comprising of just one session or multiple sessions distributed over a period. We conduct these workshops for school going kids, college students, community centres, old age homes.



1. Indian Classical Music appreciation

2.Indian Classical vocal music for beginners

3. Flute playing

4. Introduction to Science and Creativity

To organize an Indian Classical Music workshop, please write to-

mandar [at]mandarkaranjkar[dot]com

Workshops in Pune



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  1. sachin Avatar

    I wish to have workshops on first three themes.For me alone.Is it possible?

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