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Mandar and Dakshayani are based in Pune and they are the founders of Baithak Foundation, a not for profit organisation based in Pune working to promote Indian Classical Music. On this website, you will discover what they are up to and their writings about their experiences, stories and insights.

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Mandar Karanjkar

Mandar is a believer in power of music as a tool for overall human development. Mandar is an alumnus of the reputed Government College of Engineering, Pune- COEP. After completing his B.Tech, Mandar worked in the corporate world for a few years and quit his job to pursue his study of Indian Classical Music. He co-founded Baithak Foundation along with his wife Dakshayani. Baithak presently works with more than 25 schools in 3 cities across India. 
Through his consulting firm Seed Shower, Mandar consults with start-ups and well established companies and helps them to chalk out their communication goals and strategy. Mandar has written three books and two more are in the making. He is a TEDx speaker and conducts trainings for companies and organisations of global repute. 

Dakshayani Athalye

Dakshayani is a co-founder of Baithak Foundation and has authored two books. 
A lawyer by education, she later completed her masters degree in Education from Tata Institute of Social Sciences.
She is the CEO at Baithak, responsible for various projects. She is a super cook, a Gardner and avid reader.  

Who is an Avadhuta (अवधूत)?

The word Avadhuta – अवधूत comes quite often in Kabir’s Nirguni Bhajans. In fact, most of the Nirguni Bhajans are addressed to Avadhuta, like this one : युगन युगन हम योगीअवधूता, युगन युगन हम योगीआवे ना जाये मिटे ना कबहुंशब्द

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मराठी ललित

कलाकारांची आत्मग्लानी कलेच्या ऱ्हासास कारणीभूत ठरतेय का?

कबीर त्याच्या गुरूंकडे गेला. कबीर ‘एन्लायटन’ झाला. कबीर त्याच्या गुहेत गुडुप्प झाला.  बुद्ध निर्वाण अवस्थेच्या शोधात वणवण भटकला. बुद्ध निर्वाणावस्थेला उपलब्ध झाला. बुद्ध एका घनदाट अरण्यात लुप्त झाला.  वरील दोन्ही घटनांच्या पहिल्या दोन ओळी सत्य आहेत. वरील दोन्ही घटनांमधील तिसरी ओळ मात्र धादांत खोटी

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An Illustrated book on Pt. Firoz Dastur. 

Freddy is an illustrated book on life of child actor and Kirana Gharana Maestro Pt. Firoz Dastur. 

The book is richly illustrated and contains insights about Dastur Ji’s music and personality beyond music. Published by The Watering Can Foundation, Freddy was released at the prestigious Sawai Gandharva Music Festival. What makes Freddy more engaging is the use of QR codes through which readers can listen to short clips of Dastur Ji’s singing and demonstrations. 

Freddy was featured in The Hindu by eminent journalist Gouri Dange. Click Here to read the article. 

The book is available on Amazon. Click Here to order your copy. 

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hi mandar ,myself prashant from mumbai
i read about jaganath kunte from your site .. i also read their books..i satisfied…
but i want to meet JAGANATH KUTE … if your having their phone number/ address… plz mail it to me on mail id…. papatil25@gmail.com… my contact no is 9967021050
…. thanks

मंदार जी नमस्कार !
मी व माझे काही मित्र मुकुल जींचे खूप चाहते आहोत… त्यांची मैफिल विनामूल्य ठाणे परिसरात आयोजित करायचा आमचा विचार आहे … याबाबत आपण काही मार्गदर्शन करू शकाल का ? तसेच , कृपया मुकुल जिचे काही recordings असतील तर आपण पाठवू शकाल का ?

सचिन रमाकांत भुर्के

आपण स्वामिजी Jagganath Kunte बडधल लिहिले आहे. मी त्यांची गेल्या 10 दिवसात सारे videos पाहिले. very impressive.
म्हणुन मला स्वामिजी Jagganath Kunte ची सर्व पुस्तके विकत घ्यायची आहेत मला.
कुठे मिळतील ती पुस्तके?
मी राहतो canada मध्ये.
दुकानाचे नाव आणि टेलीफोन / ईमेल जर तुमहला माहिती असेल तर please कळवाल का ?

Thank you>
Your work also is impressive – keep it up. At this young age its amazing work that you and Ms Athalye are doing.

Vinod Divekar

Mandak: Found your site today (searching for Kabir Dohas). I read a few postings of yours; am very much interested in your book (The Kabir Way), but it is not available. How can I get a copy?

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