Welcome to this website. We are a couple based in Pune working to promote Indian Traditional Music and Indian thought of living. We have our fingers in many activities and initiatives! Hang around for a bit and go through this website to know more about us!

Baithak Foundation

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” – Plato

And yet, while working with a few municipal schools in and around the Pune city, we realised our public education system allows hardly any space to music.

Our immediate response to this realisation was working with 2 schools in our personal capacity.

The response was so encouraging that soon, we registered Baithak Foundation. Baithak presently works with 20+ schools and is impacting lives of more than 2000 students.

Our work with schools aims at introducing music as a tool for all-round development of the children, or as we call it, a ‘software’ for human development.

Along with the school program, we also conduct and curate a wide range of intimate baithaks, workshops, listening sessions, wellness retreats etc.

Please visit www.baithak.org to know more.

Here is our TEDx talk at IIM Nagpur. This happened in 2017 but most of the challenges we spoke about, still exist!


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  1. anusia Avatar

    I love understand classical music but sometime I listen to it and it feels good.

  2. prashant patil Avatar
    prashant patil

    hi mandar ,myself prashant from mumbai
    i read about jaganath kunte from your site .. i also read their books..i satisfied…
    but i want to meet JAGANATH KUTE … if your having their phone number/ address… plz mail it to me on mail id…. papatil25@gmail.com… my contact no is 9967021050
    …. thanks

  3. Dr Paritosh V Trivedi Avatar

    Dear Mandar

    Just got to know about your blog from your dad today at Silvassa. He is my dad’s best friend. Like the way you write on our blog. I also blog in Hindi on my Health blog http://www.nirogikaya.com

    Happy Blogging !

    1. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar

      Thanks so much Dr. Trivedi ji. I will certainly check your blog. Will keep in touch for sure!

  4. sachin ramakant bhurke Avatar
    sachin ramakant bhurke

    मंदार जी नमस्कार !
    मी व माझे काही मित्र मुकुल जींचे खूप चाहते आहोत… त्यांची मैफिल विनामूल्य ठाणे परिसरात आयोजित करायचा आमचा विचार आहे … याबाबत आपण काही मार्गदर्शन करू शकाल का ? तसेच , कृपया मुकुल जिचे काही recordings असतील तर आपण पाठवू शकाल का ?

    सचिन रमाकांत भुर्के

  5. Vinod - Madhuri Divekar Avatar
    Vinod – Madhuri Divekar

    आपण स्वामिजी Jagganath Kunte बडधल लिहिले आहे. मी त्यांची गेल्या 10 दिवसात सारे videos पाहिले. very impressive.
    म्हणुन मला स्वामिजी Jagganath Kunte ची सर्व पुस्तके विकत घ्यायची आहेत मला.
    कुठे मिळतील ती पुस्तके?
    मी राहतो canada मध्ये.
    दुकानाचे नाव आणि टेलीफोन / ईमेल जर तुमहला माहिती असेल तर please कळवाल का ?

    Thank you>
    Your work also is impressive – keep it up. At this young age its amazing work that you and Ms Athalye are doing.

    Vinod Divekar

  6. M V Avatar
    M V

    Mandak: Found your site today (searching for Kabir Dohas). I read a few postings of yours; am very much interested in your book (The Kabir Way), but it is not available. How can I get a copy?

    1. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar

      Dear Sir,

      I will get in touch with you through an email to figure out how to make the book reach you 🙂
      Thanks for your comment!

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