This is why You Should not Look for a Purpose in Your Life

Everyone should find the purpose of his life- this is what we have always been told. Books, elders, teachers, mentors and anyone else we happen to meet, always tell us about importance of having a purpose in your life.

I remember this incidence which took place some four years ago. I happened to interact with a reputed doctor, named Parul Saheba. A talk of her was organized in Pune and before it began, I was hosting her in the guest room. We spoke for some time and she came to know about me and my blog as well. She was quite excited about all these things.

“What is the purpose behind doing so many things you do?” she asked me.

“There is no purpose as such, I just do all these things because I feel like doing them.” I replied.

She was very upset by this answer.

“You are very young now, grow a bit older, get married and then we will talk on this again.” She said and we resumed our discussion.

Today, I have grown up a bit, I am married. I am unfortunately not in touch with Dr. Saheba, but I would have loved to tell her that even today, the activities that I do, are out of no purpose.

mandar purposeDo we really need a purpose in our life? The answer is ‘no’, simply because all purposes are created by our ego. In general, society believes that purposes keep us focused. But if we observe all the human beings around who have done something of value in their lives, they  did it out of love and not out of purpose. So, when I say that we do not need a purpose in our lives, I do not mean to say that we have to live a life that is as per our whims and swings. I am talking against purpose because purpose keeps us away from discovering love, which is the real driver. Love and not the purpose liberates creative energy.

Whatever little good work I have done in my own life, it was never out of purpose, but always out of love. Ego needs something to hang on; it needs something through which it can continue to be. A purpose serves this purpose very well.

I too had many time many purposes in my own life. Though not fully, now I am getting a little understanding about how this all works. Once you have purpose, your mind is limited to the it. Many times, we ourselves are not aware of the hidden purpose behind many of our activities. A purpose brings frustration because ego can never be fulfilled even if we satisfy all of our purposes.

Meditation certainly helps one to see this. It helps to free the mind of all the purposes. When one lives this purposeless life for a while, he starts experiencing the magic and balance which comes out of love. A life lived with love and not purpose is worth living.

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The Fastest Way of…..(Probably Fooling Yourself!)

The fastest way of learning is not the best way of learning.
The fastest way of driving is not the best way of driving.
The fastest way of teaching is not the best way of teaching.
The fastest way of shaving is not the best way of shaving.

The fastest way of ……….. is not the best way of ……….

I hope you agree. Then why do people look for fastest way of attaining anything or doing something?
Over the period, we have become very smart at identifying needs, coming up with a product or service to fill the gap and market it aggressively. The reason I realized this so gravely is the following Twitter notification which I got today morning:

The Fastest way

Soon after reading this tweet, I acknowledged the human urge or tendency of doing things faster. I do not know, what makes us so time conscious but one thing is for sure- today, we want everything to be done quickly; let it be profits in my new start-up or awakening my Kundalini.
For the sake of it, let us not enter the debate, whether something like Kundalini exists or not. Let us assume that it exists. Come with me a step ahead and believe that it needs to be awakened. I am not bothered about people trying to awaken and raise their Kundalini but I am certainly amused by people who claim they can do it faster. Why do we consider fastest way of awakening Kundalini (or anything for that matter) to be better than the best way of doing that thing?
When a tutor comes up with a super-fast method of teaching a course, he can make more money. When a BPO comes up with a super-fast way of answering complaints over telephone, they are making more money. Similarly, when someone comes up with a fast way of awakening Kundalini, can we assume that he wants to make more money?
When we choose the fastest way, we are going away from the best way. It is quite disheartening to see folks speeding on the fastest ways. Things which are worthy to be made can never be made out of the fastest way. Things which are worth attaining, can never be attained by following the fastest way.
Whenever you think of starting something, always ask yourself this question- ‘Do I want to make something which will make a difference?’
If your answer is yes, you better take the best way, not the fastest way. This is brutal and honest truth- the fastest way is the fastest way of fooling yourself.
Sadly, in our lives, we always choose the fast ways and not the best ways of doing anything.

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Does God Exist?


Knowledge, Money, Respect and Fame : Are you sure will make you happy?

Today, I got a sweet surprise when I suddenly met a family friend of us after many years. To be precise, we met after 11 years. I remember this person, often visiting our house, may be once in three months to chat with us. He was a faraway relative of us. I was quite impressed with this fellow even at the young age, mostly because of the way he talked. He was a post- grad of those days, may be only one of our relatives who had dared to go to the States to acquire a masters. As it logically follows, he was one of the most knowledgeable persons I had seen those days. He was also the most professionally successful of our relatives. One could easily make out from his attitude that he wanted to be successful on all the fronts- knowledge, money, recognition and fame.


He was quite busy those days consulting newly emerging firms and start-ups. He was advisor to many government departments, laboratories, committees and colleges. As it always happens, money failed to motivate this genius and a thirst for respect and recognition dominated his life. He started devoting more of his time to teaching. And then there was a stage, where he had nothing to do except being at this college, which was one of the best colleges India had in those days.
Within seconds, these old memories flashed in front of my eyes. He looked equally knowledgeable today also. Rather, his looks conveyed a more matured and contemplative personality. He should be somewhere in his seventies now. My minute observation could not miss a thin shade of sadness and emptiness running on his face and his entire being.
“I am so happy to see your snaps with your flute on Facebook” said this fatherly figure to me.

“Thanks, somehow I really enjoy it tremendously. I do not even recognize how the time slips away when I am with my flute.”
“You are very wise to do something like this right at this stage.” And he abruptly stopped the conversation.

“What do you do these days?” I asked him out of curiosity. I was very sure that he must be living the most lavish life. He had knowledge. Though it rarely happened those days, his knowledge was well recognized. He had a little extra of everything- knowledge, recognition, money and respect.

After listening to my question, he laughed out; which was more of an inner cry than a laugh. Somehow I felt very sad looking at the way he laughed.
“My day is almost the same as it was 10-15 years ago”, he said.

“I still go to the college early morning, to see the empty staff room. I sit there, though I have no lectures or lab sessions. I go there, sit there. For some time I take a walk, then again I sit down.”

“I was not lucky enough to realize value of a flute or any other hobby for that matter when I was young. I cannot live without this staff room now” he was speaking.

“Most of my colleagues have passed away, many bed ridden and many enjoying their retired lives. Neither students here nor the staff here know who I am; they look at me as if I am some whimsical, mad and homeless fellow. I indeed must be.”
Somewhere I realized that knowledge, money, respect and fame are too risky things to rely upon and to neglect your passions for. In a practical sense, they are more like utilities than core things to live life for. One should never neglect them, but should also be aware enough to not to get trapped in those chains. These utilities play a very crucial role in our lives but we cannot be happy if we spend our life solely in their pursuit.

On the other hand, I have seen a sculptor in Pune, who enjoyed moderate fame and reputation while at peak of his career. But, very smartly, he moved away beyond these things. This joyous grandpa is in his eighties now, giving away his art and skills to enthusiasts without charging a single rupee.

Both the grandpas above were equally knowledgeable in their fields. At the dawn of their lives, one of them feels that he has walked a wrong way, while other is still enjoying the way- being happy and making others happy.

I guess, what made this difference is quite easy to figure out. Due to challenges associated with the modern lifestyle, for most of the part of our lives, we have to prefer utilities over the core things. The second grandpa very well understood when one should start living for the core and stop madly accumulating heaps of utilities.

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Are you living a hollow life?

If reading the very title of this post makes you sad, the answer for you is yes! Well, I keep on thinking over this particular question many times. For me, nothing is worse than living a hollow life. Living a bit harsher life is better, I would say, than living a hollow life.

What I keep on wondering about is, how can you define the term ‘hollow life’? Is there any fixed, concrete definition of this term? Or, is it a very dynamic term, changing as per the age, occupation and types of people around us? In this case, how can we define it for so many different kinds of people?WP_20140329_001

Apart from all this philosophical discussions, how should one find out if he is living a hollow life or not? If yes, how to make it meaningful and full of substance?

How to define ‘Hollow Life’ ?

As I have already said, the term is very dynamic, changing almost person to person. I would also like to clarify that all the points which I am making here, are my personal thoughts, which can be wrong and challenged by the readers. I am open to discuss the same and change my opinion.

In order to define this term, I would chalk down some indicators which indicate that something is going wrong and needs attention.

1. Having no time for yourself

If you cannot spare some time for yourself, there are very high chances that you are living a hollow life. Finding time for yourself does not mean caring too much for oneself. It also does not mean spending time (solely) on superficial transformation- like buying good clothes, working on one’s appearance etc.

When I say spare some time for yourself, I want you to communicate with yourself. How many of us communicate with ourselves? Do we ask ourselves if we like the way we are living life? It is very sad to find that in this well connected world, no one is really connected with himself or herself. We can create substance in our life only when we know what matters for us. Though we have to many things to do, some portion of our time (may be as small as ten minutes) should be kept aside for ourselves.

2. Doing things for someone else

I remember my discussion with a junior student from my college. His first year of engineering was descent and the grades were quite good. In second year, he stopped attending classes and ended up with having 4 backlogs. In our casual discussion, I humbly asked him what was the problem he was facing. I got a very cold reply from him, saying that he never liked engineering. I had another obvious but humble question for him, “Why did you opt for it then?”

Very proudly he said, “Engineers are respected in my town. People in my town treat you very differently if you are an engineer and also, your status gets elevated”

If you are living your life to please people from your town and are not wise enough to think about what you like, you are living a hollow life. We can find so many people around; someone doing MBBS as her mother wants her to be a doctor, someone not marrying the girl he likes as family members will be furious. At the end, people who live their life to fulfill expectations of others end up blaming those people. Instead, why one should not find out what he likes and take the complete responsibility of his own life?

3. Afraid of being alone

Though this does not apply every time, most of the times, it does. If someone is dependent on others- friends, colleagues, family etc. something is wrong. Many of us are afraid of being alone. They need someone to talk to. They even cannot imagine their life without these people. As Osho has often said, there is a difference between loneliness and  being alone. When you are alone, you encounter yourself. You dig within yourself. Most of the times, we are afraid of doing this. Hence, we keep on finding company of people. This may be a very bold statement, but people who live a hollow life will always try to not to be alone. They will keep talking without any purpose for hours, after that they will go for shopping, then a hair cut,  then again a different group, then drinks and over…If this your typical day, something is certainly wrong.

The list is literally unending. But, If someone starts working on these three focus points, he will find out the way ahead for himself. The most important thing is taking out time for oneself. When we spend some time with ourselves, the hollow life comes to an end with happiness and creativity overflowing from it.

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Do you want to sustain?

When someone from completely different field enters some other field, he looks at the things in a totally different perspective. I am in somewhat similar position. I never took efforts to read typical corporate literature. Somehow, I am trying to make myself comfortable with all these terms. The result is, I end up interpreting the established proverbs and statements in a completely different way.

Today, I came across one line, which is very attractive and at the same time very important for those who are in corporate world. The line is something like this-

If you do yesterday’s things today, you won’t be able to survive tomorrow.

This line is so true, if you look at it from the view of normal life. By normal life I mean all the things which normal human beings like us do. It holds true on all the walks of life, equally applicable to students, managers, entrepreneurs, businessmen etc. In today’s world, as we know it very well, one has to move ahead of time, innovating new things. To be honest, it is difficult to survive today if you do today’s things today. One always has to keep on doing new things, new experiments, new products, new services and new thoughts.

As it can be clearly seen, many companies are investing their huge cash reserves to invent and realize tomorrow’s products. There is no final destination as we are moving ahead very rapidly. As I said earlier, this is true for ‘normal humans’. Are their any dimensions of our life where this line is not applicable?

Yes, there are many. One of the most striking example is that of music. Of course, musicians are creative and they keep on doing new things. But, the fact which one should keep in his mind is, they never run behind creating new things. They are effortlessly creative. That creativity does not have any purpose. I am not at all comparing which one is good and which one is bad; they are just different ways of different fields. In classical music, we have many great artists and musicians who just focused on understanding their master’s knowledge. In that complete surrender, many creative compositions came out.

One more walk of life, where I think this line would not be applicable is meditation. In meditation, the meditation is old, ancient; the experiences are new and unique. It wont make any sense doing new new meditations each day, for being creative. You have to do the same, yesterday’s meditation every day. In case of human consciousness, we run to new things not out of creativity but to escape the old things. In meditation, there is no escape. You cannot run away, you have to face same things, the same ‘you’ everyday.

I guess, here the ‘MadhyamMarga’ mentioned by Lord Buddha or the concept of ‘Zorba the Buddha’ coined by Osho comes into picture. Is it possible to survive in both material and spiritual world together? One step ahead, does the word ‘survival’ has meaning in spirituality?

At this stage, I am asking myself, ‘Do you want to sustain?’



Follow your passion!

Dr. Naushad Forbes, while addressing a gathering of students strongly emphasized that one should always do what he likes. He advices that one should change what he is doing if he does not enjoy it.
The first thought which comes to our Mind after reading this, is not very positive. When it is repeated a many times, truth loses its value. I think same has happened with this statement of Dr. Naushad Forbes. At first appearance it appears to be a very common and casual statement. But, when one stops for a while and starts contemplating over this statement, then he realises the true value of the statement. The realization becomes even graver and darker when one starts to think of it keeping his life in front of his eyes. For me, this statement is holier than scriptures because it is more relevant in today’s life. Giving a thought to these words can change one’s life.
It is very surprising to see that very few persons enjoy the work they are doing. The result of this is even graver. In the same speech, Dr. Naushad Forbes mentions that if one likes his work, there are high chances that he will do it in a better way. If we observe around, very few people like what they are doing. The result of this is, they suffocate while doing the work and at the same time, the work is not done in a better way.
The gravity of this issue cannot be realized unless you are constantly in touch with young students and freshly graduated fellows. Hardly anyone knows why he is studying his field. The result is, the passion for one’s work is missing, the involvement is missing. Yes, there are some of them who realize somewhere in between that what they are doing does not appeal them and then change the way. The experience tells, such persons have done better jobs and are happier.
But the issue does not get solved if two or three out of thousands of students find out the way. Ideally, everyone should be able to find out the way of his choice. This ideal situation should be a practicality.
The issue will not be completely solved if we do something when these students are in college. Something should be done from the very birth of these children; or even before that.
I think the awareness about work satisfaction, individual natures of different persons, different priorities is missing. Parents take it for granted that their kid (and they!) will be happy if the kid earns huge lumps of money. Somewhere they are unaware of what the tendencies of the kid are, what matters the most for him.
I guess, it will be a golden day when everyone is doing what he loves to do.

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Angry humans and a dead dog

Keeping your eyes open helps you a lot. When your eyes are open, you can find solutions everywhere around you. The world is flooded with the solutions. Only thing is, our eyes should be open to perceive them.

Angry humans who are found all around is a big problem which we encounter everywhere. This problem is typically faced by middle class people who are flooded with anger but have no medium to express it. They are most of the times unable to be angry just because of limitations; limitations are infinite- financial, social, and political. Then there is another class of people in India. These people do not deserve the money or power which they have. These people are always throwing their anger on the poor helpless people who belong to middle class. Many times, an otherwise calm and silent person blasts out like a volcano collapsing under the burden of suppressed anger.

In India, you find such angry humans everywhere. They are present almost everywhere- in offices, on streets, inside shops, in colleges. We are flooded with these angry humans. I remember infinite moments when my teachers, parents, colleagues and yes also I were unable to handle this burden of suppressed anger.

Today, I witnessed a heated argument which took place in between one of such angry humans and a typical middle class humble man. The venue for this event was a petrol pump and the reason was delay in filling the petrol. Middle class man tried to argue with the angry fellow, without success. The end of conversation was middle class man silently slipping into his car and driving away and the angry man fuming and shouting.

I went ahead with my schedule and was having a walk after some time on same evening. As a habit, I was thinking about the serious problem of angry humans. I know, there is no other solution than being more meditative and aware and skeptical of self behavior. I also know, very few of us will give this problem due attention, unless they are victim of some serious disease or mental disorder. I was questioning, do we have a right to be talked with respect and dignity by others? Can anyone claim a right of being rude and disrespectful to someone over small or big issues? While going through all this brainstorming over the angry humans, I had walked quite a long and my steps were stopped by half rotten body of a dead dog. Eyes were squeezed and skull distorted. The dog might be a victim of middle class person who was in a hurry to rush to his office to avoid the anger of his boss. All was pulled out of my thoughts.

We are living in a human world where we talk about our dignity and respect, and see; thousands are dying under our cars. I am not talking only about dogs and cats but also about human beings. Here is a link from The Time Magazine which tells how hundreds of workers died like mice in a squeezed box.

Portraits of pain

The number of people dying because of lack of food, number of poor people who are being cheated, exploited is far more than our imagination.

We demand self respect and dignity. Do we spend some time to ensure that no one’s fundamental rights are getting hurt because of us?

For me, everything- the problem of angry humans and also the problem of maintaining self respect and dignity boils down to ego. We raise all the above issues when our ego gets hurt. If it is not, who bothers about an argument on a petrol pump and who has time for a poor dog squeezed under a car?


Something higher than money …

After many days, I am here with my family. I discuss a lot with my parents. The topics are many, covering almost any topic on the earth. While talking, we covered the topic of financial status of all the relatives we have. Most of them are crorepatis. My parents were talking about who is earning what and how lavishly someone lives.

I respect money, I need money, and also, I earn money. Money is needed but not at the cost of your being. The point which I raised was, though many out of us were earning in lots, only a very few of them have grown up in human aspects.

Birds gather food and strive for a secured nests. Animals also for the entire day go on hunting food and strive for a secured dwelling place. And, man also is doing the same. Money does not make man separate, distinct from animals. Do we have anything which makes us distinct from animals?

Someone might ask if something like this exists or not. The answer is, all of us encounter such persons who are more human than us. Many time we come across some persons who are living their life rather than just surviving. These people always tell me that do not compromise your being for money.

It is said that man constantly searches for unknown. I do not find this search for unknown any where. It seems, man has just sold away all his thirst, his wonder for the unknown, the explorer inside him for the sake of money. What we need to teach our children is, the fact that there is something higher than money. There is something which has to be found. Every child should be told that he is just a lump of clay, he has to shape himself.


Is Pune that bad?

Every person loves the place where he has been brought up. All the humans love their native places. People in life shift to better cities but still, they miss something which they find at their native place only.

This is true with almost all of people. We wrongly judge cities due to attachments, emotions and sentiments. I have lived in near about dozens of cities. I have no native place of mine. I have been a wandering fellow. 3 Years is the maximum period which I have spent in any city, excluding Pune where I have beeb staying now since 4 years.

I have right to anwer this question correctly. Because, I was a stranger in every city. I was just a temporary visitor of all the cities in which I lived. It is a trend in the Nagpur region to blame Pune and people from Pune city. They can blame anything in Pune.

I today start thinking about what each city in which I lived gave me. One thing for sure is, everywhere you get same, you take differently an different places. I have been thinking so steadily over the topic but still, Pune wins my heart.

Why? Am I being biased? To be honest, I am not.

In all other cities, I stayed for about 17 years. I could never hear live Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, Shivkumar Sharma, Jasraj, Zakir Hussain and such musicians. In Pune, they come many times an year to pour out the joy. I could read books of Mangesh Padgaonkar in Nagpur, but in Pune, I got an opportunity to be with him for one night and a day and have dinner and lunch.

I get all the books I want in Pune. In other cities in which I lived, I do not think there is any possibility. I got such friends in Pune, those are 30 years older to me, very busy and very successful and yet, they leave everything aside when I visit them and even come on a hill nearby to listen to my flute.

Pune is superb.

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Find your focus

A long night of thoughtfulness gives me many answers. I love night because it answers my questions. Not all, but even a few questions being answered is enough for me. I don’t want all of the rains, a few soothing drops satisfy me.

For whom I live this life? This was the long question which was being answered by the night. If a constant enquiry is made, answers come from void. Void does not exist somewhere else, but, you are so united with the enquiry, that inside you, you get a void. So, this was the question. Does life need focus? If yes, who should be the focus? Is this focus inside or is it outside?

Night answered all of these. It gave me many strange answers. No, life does not have a focus but, but, to reach this point, we need some focus point. Now, where this focus point lies? Inside me or outside me?

I would say, grossly, there two kinds of spiritually inclined people. One kind is those who love themselves and like to live for themselves. The other is those who like to live for someone they love.  The wonder is, everything moves on love.

The person on his spiritual journey has to decide what his attitude is. And then whatever tendencies of him come against this attitude, he should work on them. For example, if I love myself, then to fulfill my needs, I should be able to fight with even god. If I like to live for my loved one, I should be able to leave away all the heavens and pleasures on earth.

I have found my focus. Have you?