It is better that we die

This can be rather a bit shocking post title to read for all of the readers here. I have been always know as a life celebrating person. Today too, I am not at all life negative. I am not at all worried or under tension. It is generally observed that those who prove to be unsuccessful in their lives, write these types of posts. So, the very first point, I love life and I celebrate it.

But still, when I look around at the people, the way we all live, I feel that this is not the way to live. I can see that all the flowers are being crushed; under traditions, under so called rubbish prestige issues, under dogmas and what not. So, the very first thought, that comes within is, it is better to die than to live such a life.

But again, I come to realize that death is not going to solve the problem. If we die, we are being an ostrich.  When ostrich sees some danger, it puts its head in the sand. Ostrich feels, when he is not seeing the problem, the problem does not exist. Even if we do not, the problems exist. So, when you feel it is better if we die remember, you are being an ostrich.

Bliss has a cost of it. You have to pay it. Instead of living life like a fool or committing suicide, it is better if we give the cost and get the bliss. everyone had to pay the cost to get the bliss. No one got it without giving the cost. Socrates had to give it, Jesus had to give it.

Always remember, when you feel like dying, remember that you are being coward.

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Death- the seed of life

Death-the seed of birth....

Death is one of the most mysterious things in this world.Death along with it brings many questions which can never be answered.Death can be said to be a discontinuity, or a dead stop or even a new start. It is said that each baby taking birth proves that someone has died; each death only implies that there is going to be a birth. Death and birth are the same things percept differently. We have never done justice with the death and as a result, we can never do justice to the birth. How you die decides how you are going to be in the next birth and how you live decides how you are going to die. It is an art to die. Life is a meditation to get the desired death. Death is a climax. The whole movie of life is created for getting this climax only. Life is like Classical Music; where you perform for an hour to get an climax of fraction of the second. Somehow, we are on the verge to forget this art, the art of dying.




Here in this incidence, Rabbi Birnham very beautifully opens up this secret- that death is the orgasm of life. Whole life is foreplay to get this orgasm of death. Unfortunately, death is the thing of which we are most afraid; death is the thing from which we are running. In this very running, we are losing the beauty and we are missing the point.

For centuries we have been just chattering like a parrot-We reap as we sow. Why do we forget this rule when we die? Death is a seed which gives birth to a new life and this life is again a seed which gives birth to the death. Death has always been associated with mystery and fear. A death is always considered as an ill omen. Due to this misconception, we are wasting each and every death and hence we are missing each and every birth.