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  • Osho: Ahead of all the crackpots

    Thanks to Mr. Rajinder Puri, I came to know one of the most interesting quotes I have ever read. The first person whose face flashed in front of my eyes when I read this quote for the first time was Osho. He is beyond that quote. The quote reads like this-  ‘People who can see […]

  • Osho: Do not wake up a slave!

    Osho has quoted almost infinite number of saints and philosophers in his discourses. Apart from that, his readers can find many beautiful proverbs scattered in his discourses. Nothing remains in our hands other than wondering about his infinite stock of proverbs. More surprising is his selection of right proverbs at right moments. I remember many such proverbs, […]

  • discussion on ‘Osho is fraud or not’ with Nikhil Sheth

    To get entire background of this dialogue, I would request readers to please read Following conversation which took place just before this….. http://www.mandarkaranjkar.com/osho/discussion-on-osho-is-fraud-or-not-with-mr-yashwant-kulkarni/ Later on, Nikhil Shteh voluntarily joins the discussion. What goes on is as follows… Nikhil Sheth – and thats why I like people like Dnyaneshwar, Tilak, Tagore more than Rajnish and Maharshi’s…:) When you read […]