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  • Dohe of Kabir-7(Rare is the birth as a human being)

    दुर्लभ मनुस्या जीवन है,देह न बरम्बार । तरुवर ज्यों पत्ती झड़े,बहुरि न लागे डार ॥ Meaning –  Rare is the birth as a human being and one does not again again gets this human body. Once a leaf is detached from the trunk, cannot be joint back again. In these two lines, Saint Kabir points […]

  • Kamal : Incredible son of saint Kabir

    All of us are aware of saint Kabir and his immortal dohas. It is said that Kabir is one of the most quoted poets of the world. Almost all the intellectuals, lecturers, saints refer to Kabir when they have to explain some difficult spiritual phenomenon in simple words. All of us remember and worship Kabir […]