Follow your passion!

Dr. Naushad Forbes, while addressing a gathering of students strongly emphasized that one should always do what he likes. He advices that one should change what he is doing if he does not enjoy it.
The first thought which comes to our Mind after reading this, is not very positive. When it is repeated a many times, truth loses its value. I think same has happened with this statement of Dr. Naushad Forbes. At first appearance it appears to be a very common and casual statement. But, when one stops for a while and starts contemplating over this statement, then he realises the true value of the statement. The realization becomes even graver and darker when one starts to think of it keeping his life in front of his eyes. For me, this statement is holier than scriptures because it is more relevant in today’s life. Giving a thought to these words can change one’s life.
It is very surprising to see that very few persons enjoy the work they are doing. The result of this is even graver. In the same speech, Dr. Naushad Forbes mentions that if one likes his work, there are high chances that he will do it in a better way. If we observe around, very few people like what they are doing. The result of this is, they suffocate while doing the work and at the same time, the work is not done in a better way.
The gravity of this issue cannot be realized unless you are constantly in touch with young students and freshly graduated fellows. Hardly anyone knows why he is studying his field. The result is, the passion for one’s work is missing, the involvement is missing. Yes, there are some of them who realize somewhere in between that what they are doing does not appeal them and then change the way. The experience tells, such persons have done better jobs and are happier.
But the issue does not get solved if two or three out of thousands of students find out the way. Ideally, everyone should be able to find out the way of his choice. This ideal situation should be a practicality.
The issue will not be completely solved if we do something when these students are in college. Something should be done from the very birth of these children; or even before that.
I think the awareness about work satisfaction, individual natures of different persons, different priorities is missing. Parents take it for granted that their kid (and they!) will be happy if the kid earns huge lumps of money. Somewhere they are unaware of what the tendencies of the kid are, what matters the most for him.
I guess, it will be a golden day when everyone is doing what he loves to do.


Did engineering teach me this?

In my life, I have always experienced educational gaps. I took my education in all types of schools and colleges- from dirty and ugly village schools to one of the best institutes in India. I always used to face a gap. When I passed out of my engineering college, which is supposed to be one of the best engineering colleges in the country, I felt biggest gap ever. It was time when I started to explore the world around me. The realization was, actual life was much different than what we perceived it to be.

In engineering college, we were taught that technology is everything. That is not the case. The product consists of technology but the person who will be purchasing the product is a human being. We never were taught this ‘Personal’ aspect of engineering. In today’s world, even technical products are designed considering the mindset of human beings who will be using the product. The whole stream of design and innovation is an effort to study psychological aspects of a product. Did engineering tech me this? The answer is no.

Any engineering college has to cover too many topics in a short span of 4 years. What a college is supposed to do? Should it cover the basic engineering subjects or these new trends which are ruling the field? My opinion is, all the things like innovation and human touch which I talked about, are attitudes to be developed. Innovation is an attitude which can be taught as a bye- product while teaching the mainstream subjects.

The point which I want to raise is, no one cares about innovation. No one even thinks about human users. Companies which are giving due importance to all these things are prospering like never before. On the other hand, the giants which are neglecting these issues are going the way down.