Ghalib: Why so difficult?

In this world, things never come the way we want. We never get the things bundled the way want them. This somehow decreases the availability of the things and restricts it to only selected masses. When I read Ghalib, I realize that this law holds true for poetry also. Ghalib’s poetry is one of the most beautiful flower that has blossomed in the world. Instead of being so delicate, it is quite difficult to understand and this reduces the number of people who actually float in the juice of poetry. I remember one poem written by another poet about this problem about the poetry of Ghalib

अगर आप का कहा तुम आप ही समझे, तो क्या समझे

मजा कहे का जब है, एक कहे दुसरा समझे

कलाम ए मीर समझे, और जबान ए मिर्झा समझे

मगर इनका कहा, यह आप समझे या खुदा समझे….

Meaning:It is useless if you alone understand the meaning of what you say. Saying is meaningful when one says and the other understands.We could understand what Poet Mir writes and what poet Mirza says. But, what Ghalib says is understood either by Ghalib himself or the Almighty.

I think, this is quite a philosophical question: Is it a rule to have valuable things in a format which is difficult? Or can they be simplified?