Do Two Exist?

I cut each and every curtain, which does not exist.

I look inside each and everyone, who does not exist.

Then I ask apparent myself,

Do two exist?


I go behind each and every mirror.

I search light inside each chandelier

Then I ask apparent myself,

Do two exist?


I feel the beauty of each and every person’s breath.

I feel the silence after each and every death.

Then I ask apparent myself,

Do two exist?


I separate each and every thread of the sheet.

Then I watch each and every dot of the thread.

Then I ask apparent myself,

Do two exist?


Each particle of this universe,

sings my song for hours.

Then I ask apparent myself,

Do two exist?


Basho-An ocean of three lines

Wild Heron


Undisturbed nobility

This is what is called as a three line ocean. A three line wonder. People waste thousands of pages writing books and still, those books are impotent in front of these three lines. These three lines are oceanic. Instead of giving you any thought, these lines give you the glimpse.

Such three lines poems are called as Haikus. The Haiku which I have stated above, is by a famous Zen mystic and Poet, Basho. These three lines show us the divinity in the existence. The divinity in a sleeping heron, divinity in a small puppy, divinity in a rose flower or even divinity of a falling leaf. The divinity is there, but we cannot see it. Once in a while, a Basho comes, sees it and puts it in just three lines.

The enlightened person sees the word in very different ways, in very different perspectives. He finds nobility and divinity in the ordinary things. Which we generally even do not look at. But, the one, who is one with the universe, who is free from himself, finds this divine dance everywhere.


There are thousands of Haikus, and thousands of interpretations of each of them. We are having these oceans of three lines whose size depends on our size. The larger we are, smaller the meaning. When we are no more, we just vanish, each Haiku is an infinite ocean containing innumerable drops of divinity.

music poems

Yeh Jo Halka Halka……

Paas Rehta Hai Duur Rehta Hai
Koi Dil Mein Zaroor Rehta Hai
Jab Say Dekha Hai Un Ki Aankhon Ko
Halka Halka Suroor Rehta Hai

(Near or away, certainly someone is living in the heart.Since I saw her eyes, what remains is a mild dilute intoxication.)

When I heard these words from famous sufi qawalli yeh jo halka halka first time from the famous Sufi Singer Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, I was in tears. I heard the Qawwali from start to end. For many months from that day, this song is haunting me. The same intoxication this song has left in my heart. This song, people may find erotic. To be honest, this is most religious song I have ever heard. This song is most delicate, most beautiful I have ever heard.

Sufi people treat god as a lover. They are in love with the god. This song talks about the intoxication caused by the eyes of lover. This is the wonder of eyes of god. What remains is a mild intoxication. The poet is not sure, where he lives. He just feels the mild intoxication. this mild intoxication is nothing but the presence. This beautiful song talks about the state of a god-lover. The beauty of the song is in the phrase halka halka, which means mild. The intoxication of god is always mild. it is a fragrance, a very dilute thing. never concentrated. I like this song because the poet had really experienced the intoxication. If he had not, he could never use the word halka or mild.

Ghalib poems

Ghalib: The unbeatable Beauty

Many poets, I love. I love them for their beauty, for their tenderness.Ghalib is one of those poets. Ghalib was not enlightened. He was not a saint or the one who had seen. But, his vision was very sensitive. He had immensely sensitive. Here, I again a remember a beautiful couplet from Ghalib-

People are saying that, Ghalib will vanish and will remain his torn pieces….

I also went to see it, bur the show did not happen…….

A blame which Ghalib always faced was, he had used stolen ideas from other poets. Now, this idea, is also not very uncommon. Thousands of poets before Ghalib must have written something about this idea. But, the way of Ghalib is unique. I dont think any other poet has this beauty in his language. The above mentioned idea can be put in many different patterns. But, the pattern used by Ghalib, ‘I also went to see’ is unique, is what I love. Duty and beauty of poet is in how he unfolds. As far as this unfolding is concerned, Ghalib is just unbeatable….

art Ghalib poems

Ghalib- Submerged in the sorrow

The most striking topics which Ghalib handled in his poetry were love and spirituality. In general common reader does not come across a Ghalib completely submerged in his pain. But, if we read more, Ghalib was really submerged in his pain. Though his life was full of sorrow, he never had an attitude of a coward or tired one. Ghalib was always welcoming more and more sorrow. Even Ghalib, in one of his couplets says to god-

Send how much sorrows you want to……

My jug of Wine is also unlimited……

Ghalib had his father dead when he was four years old. His loving uncle died when he was 12 years old. Ghalib had a fixed annual pension of Rs.10,000, but this to was cunningly cut down by his wicked cousins to an amount of Rs.500 per annum. Ghalib had many debts to pay. He was once charged in the court for not refunding the money which he had taken.

Family life of Ghalib was also very tiresome. He had seven children, all of them died before completing their two years.  So, the couple adopted a niece and unfortunately, the poor niece also died.

It is said that joy is very superfluous, sorrow gives us the depth. It is said that the sorrow compells us to contemplate. Ghalib has tremendous sorrows in his life, which made him to think about the very basic questions of the human existence. The most striking thing abourt Ghalib is that he drank all of his sorrow with the same love which he had for wine.

It is said that sorrow is the fire which brings shine to the gold within a human. I think, this sorrow has given the birth to the Ghalib, who loved the life so much with its totality.

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Ghalib- The master of expression

art poems

Ghalib- the master of expression

One of the most famous personalities that the world of poetry has seen, is Mirza Ghalib. Very few poets have got the dignity and respect which Ghalib has got. Ghalib is among the most aprpreciated poets in the whole world. Many people have wasted their lives to study his works and at the end, so subtle was his pen, that they accepted it, that even by implementing the whole life to get meaning out of his poems, they are still not sure if they have got right meaning or not.

Ghalib- A master of expression

But, this Ghalib was condemned a lot for the two things-

1. Complexity of his poems and,

2. Plagiarism.

One of the contemporary poet even criticized Ghalib saying that only god and Ghalib himself understands the meaning of his poems and then, what is the fun of writing such poems which cannot be understood by other? Ghalib was also justified when he was creating complex poetry. Poetry is not like an entertainment show. It is a dialogue between intellects. So, the poet has a total right of demanding this ability from his reader. He has full freedom of keeping his poems away from those who cannot understand the subtle flavor in it.

The second blame is quite serious. But, the blame is generally concerned about the ideas of other poets being stolen by Ghalib in some of his poems. This blame is also useless because, all the ideas have been expressed before in one or another form. The skill of poet lies in expression of idea. As far as this expression of an idea is concerned, Ghalib can be considered as the highest peak the field of poetry has ever encountered.