Bhimsen Joshi- The one who always wanted to learn…

Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, one of the greatest explorers of Indian Classical music was a student for his whole life. When Bhimsen Joshi was serving his Guru, Savai Gandharva, for hours he used to get water from the river to the house of his Guru.

For the remaining time, he used to practice. Bhimsen Joshi used to practice fro hours; many a times up to 17 hours a day. Bhimsen Joshi had all the prestigious awards to his credit. He had reached the maximum height which anyone could.

Once, he was asked, what does he feel now about those efforts, about his getting water from the river and all those old days. Bhimsen Joshi gave very  touching answer. He said, “Now, I wish the cans which I used to get the water were bigger, I would have been able to learn something more from my master.”

This is in true sense love for knowledge. This is in true sense meditation. This is in true sense devotion. Whatever knowledge Bhimsen Joshi had was more than enough. It was beyond the scope of any other human being. But still, he wished he could learn more.






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