Can you share the sensitivity?

We read so many scriptures and listen to so many wise people around us. Still, we do not change. So many peace rallies and silent marches are conducted but they do nothing to stop the crimes. On the social level, we all want to stop corruption but still, we are far from controlling it. Hatred is always rising in spite of many efforts by many great philosophers, saints and activists.

What is the problem? It simply means all these things are least effective if at all. The problem is, in spite of so many initiatives, we are not able to change the minds. The messages are being delivered; but they are not doing the work that they are supposed to do: to touch the heart and make it sensitive.

Any message that you send out, has two parts: one is the content of the message and second one is the sensitivity. If the message fails to create the sensitivity, it is futile. It’s a wasted opportunity. Can we really create communication which makes a person sensitive to its cause? I feel, to some extent, it is possible but we cannot solely rely on the communication to make people sensitive.


Sensitivity cannot be shared; it is born within a person. A mother carries the baby within her womb for nine months and bears the pain. A sensitive person also carries in his womb his sensitivity. The important point to note is, this sensitivity never leads to any pain. Rather, it frees the mind out of its conditioning and sets it into the action. Sensitivity leads to enlightenment.






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