Dogen – The Zen Master

The way of Zen has given the world many unique masters. Zen flowered and blossomed without limits. Many Zen Masters have attained the peaks of consciousness and helped hundreds of their disciples to attain the same. Zen is so unique, so alive. Osho tells us about the Zen Master Dogen. Like all other Zen masters, […]

The Frog Haiku by Basho

Matsuo Basho, a Zen master has written many many Haikus, utterly beautiful and meaningful at the same time, meaningless. Among these all Haikus, the Frog Haiku is perhaps the most famous one. It will be really a wonderful experiences to explore this Haiku. The Haiku is as follows- Ancient Pond, Frog jumps in, Plop….. These […]

A mistake committed by Socrates

All the religions of the world talk about the self realization as the supreme realization. Knowing this self is understood to be the highest form of understanding. The Self or the Atma is considered as the only thing worth knowing. Almost all the religions of the world focus on one’s self. Socrates has been heard […]

Basho-An ocean of three lines

Wild Heron Sleeping- Undisturbed nobility This is what is called as a three line ocean. A three line wonder. People waste thousands of pages writing books and still, those books are impotent in front of these three lines. These three lines are oceanic. Instead of giving you any thought, these lines give you the glimpse. […]