Diogenes and poor Alexander the Great 1

Alexander the great was one who wanted to conquer the whole world. He was mad with his own ambitions. He was coming to India as a step in the process of conquering the whole world. While coming to India, one day, he reached Athens. All the philosophers and saint of Athens came to meet him except one, Diogenes.

Alexander had heard many stories about this mad philosopher, Diogenes, who used to live naked in a tub. Alexander wanted to meet this saint, Diogenes. Along with his selected ministers, he reached the place where Diogenes was sleeping. He was sleeping naked with a lamp and his companion, a dog. When Alexander came, Diogenes was just lying in the sand taking sunbath and he did not even pay attention to the king.


Alexander said,”You probably do not know who I am.”

Diogenes laughingly said to his dog,”You see, the fool is saying I do not know who he is. The fact is, this fool himself does not know who he is!”

Alexander was in  shock! This was too much. He had presented all the philosophers he met something as a gift.

Alexander asked Diogenes, “I am the king of world. What do you want from me as a gift? Just ask for anything!”

Diogenes again said,”You are blocking away my sunlight. Just stand away a bot you fool and let me have a sunbath!!”

For his whole life, Alexander the Great was haunted by this mad philosopher, Diogenes .







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  1. sachin Avatar

    i have heard that alexender was a disciple of aristotle.wasn’t he taught to respect learned persons?

  2. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar

    Alexander was as far as i know pampered by Aristotle. And it is a law- power corrupts!

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