Distinction- The reason of Sorrow

The thing man is constantly running away from which but while doing so going closer and closer to it, is sorrow. If a man was allowed to paint his life for himself, he would never have included the colour of sorrow. Many thinkers have tried their best to find out what is the actual cause of human sorrow. And what they did find out is, desires. If we go even further, what gives birth to desires? The answer is distinction.


When man tries to distinct, the sorrow arises. When man compares, sorrow arises. when this distinction arises, when there is a ‘that’  better then ‘this’, the sorrow arises. When there is difference between potentials, there is flow of water. In the same way, when there is difference between condition sets of two persons, two times, flow of desires starts.

Hence it is said, that the one who treats all the states equally, who has no affection towards happy moments and no aversion for sad parts of his life, is free of desires. We try to fight desires. But, unless and until, we are at a position of treating all the situations equally and being indifferent to them, this flow of desires will not stop. And hence, the sorrow…..

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    Actually , this is the 1st blog I’m reading………& I really liked it a lot & most important thing is that I completely agree with all the words…!!!
    Thanks to Mandar ……..he really makes u stop & think !!!

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