Do we need a religion?

This is the question which was eating my mind for a long duration of time,which falls into months.A man should be from any kind of background or from any profession,he needs something on which he can hang up his load,or something which can be blamed for things that are not under his control.I would like to tell you that,man has made religions the worst system which ever existed on this earth.Religion has just become a chocolate;a consolation.All the Pujari,priests are holding this chocolate in their hands.It is a simple psychology that for a normal man there is going to be something which is beyond his control.Priest cunningly use this fact a pretend that they are the medium,between man and divine.The poor man is already so much frustrated with life that he bows in front of priest than experiment with the poison.So,the system continues.

But the poor priest is not the only person to be blamed.The man also deep within knows that he cannot follow authentic religious path,as it is too dangerous.Your ego,lust,greed,passion,everything needs to be dropped.At the same time the common man is afraid of being honest to himself,as blessed is the ignorant,or rather blessed is the one who pretends to be ignorant!The man knows all the dishonesty,ego,greed within him.Priest gives him an easier way-just sing song praising the lord and everything is washed away.Man also believes this,even if he does not believe,he follows it because it gives him a false satisfaction of being freed from all the misdeeds.

Thinking honestly,we have made religion a mask to hide our lust,ego,passion behind it.Now,time has come to tear it away and encounter oneself!






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