Do you strive for a personality?

All of us generally think that we are nothing but our personality. Our personality is considered as something which decides what our life is going to be. People with impressive personality are generally found to be very successful in their lives. What everyone strives for is a good personality.

I think all the troubles that our social and spiritual life is facing today, is due to this personality. Personality is a very phony thing and man should never try for a good personality. What should be aim of man’s life then? To find out what his individuality, is I think the purpose of all the religions. From the very birth, a child starts collecting impressions from the surroundings. It is just like wet clay being mould by the different forces. Layers and layers of conditioning, programming go on being accumulated. Under all these impressions, the original individuality of that person gets dumped.

It can be observed that, those who behave in consent with their individuality, they have a very different grace in their every movement. Simple acts performed by them, have very different grace. What everyone does is sharpening and finishing this phony personality which is just as making up a dead person. Your individuality is lively. Lively person attracts without any make up. Individuality needs no finishing, polishing; it is just a grace.

Rather than running for a phony personality, I think finding our individuality should be aim of our lives.






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